The Blaylock Wellness Report
Dr. Blaylock's Urgent Message About Your 'Golden Years' . . .

Save Your Brain:
Protect Yourself From the
Ravages of Alzheimer's

Use These FREE Simple Tips to Save Yourself and Your
Loved Ones From the Downward Spiral Into Dementia . . .

Dear Friend,

You don't want to fool around with your brain. Take my word on that.

Of course, before I can expect you to believe me, I should introduce myself.

My name is Dr. Russell Blaylock.

In my nearly three decades as a neurosurgeon, I treated thousands of diseased brains. And what I've seen truly frightens me.

Perhaps you share my fears. After age 40 or 50, you may have more frequent 'senior moments.'

You may start to worry about losing your memory — or even worse, becoming senile.

Unable to care for yourself. Unable to recognize your friends, your loved ones, even common objects around your home.

Even unable to control your bowel and bladder function. You have good reason for your concern.

Here's why . . .

Brain Diseases Now on the Rise —
Don't Get Caught Up in the Epidemic

You see, brain diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's now occur:

  • Earlier in life . . .
  • More frequently . . .
  • To a much more severe degree . . .

You've probably observed how many expensive assisted-living homes for those with dementia are cropping up all over the country — with their locked wards to prevent folks from wandering off.

Fortunately, there's good news.

While not widely known, there are many simple steps you can take to reduce your risk of developing a neuro-degenerative disease.

That's why I hope you take a few minutes from your busy schedule to read this letter. I promise you will not regret it.

One major factor in the development of Alzheimer's involves a common substance you probably consume on a daily basis.

If You Have a Fondness for Sugar,
I Have Some Bad News . . .

High levels of sugar in your diet damage your brain.

New evidence continues to demonstrate this link.

In a recent study of 980 elderly people followed for four years, those with the highest intake of calories had a 50 percent increased incidence of dementia.

So why would eating lots of sweets and carbohydrates increase your risk of dementia?

Well, there are three scientific reasons:

Reason 1: Sugar dramatically increases your metabolism, and high rates of metabolism become a major source of free radical production. (Pesky free radicals damage your cells and impair their function.)

Reason 2: High levels of sugar in your body cause the sugar to react with various critical proteins, including enzymes that repair DNA damage caused by free radicals. Chocolate Cake

Reason 3: Continued high sugar consumption prevents your cells from absorbing the sugar needed to produce energy — a condition called insulin resistance. Another recent study found a high incidence of insulin resistance in those with Alzheimer's dementia. The worst form of sugar is high Fructose corn syrup.

So if you want to avoid this disease, you can see that minimizing your sugar and simple carbohydrate intake is crucial.

Of course, a sweet tooth isn't the only factor contributing to the development of Alzheimer's. I've identified many factors — factors you can take control of starting today.

And I'd like to get the information you need into your hands now. Before any damage already occurring becomes irreversible.

Reduce Your Risk of Alzheimer's and Dementia
With These Simple FREE Tips I've Compiled for You

You can see for yourself by sending for your FREE copy of a popular special issue of The Blaylock Wellness Report called Save Your Brain: Protect Yourself from the Ravages of Alzheimer's and Other Diseases.

This easy-to-read report bulges with amazing new medical breakthroughs that could reduce the chances you or someone you love will suffer from a neurological disease like Alzheimer's.

I've given you simple steps to follow — an anti-Alzheimer's blueprint, if you will.

Here's just a small sample of the crucial, potentially life-saving information you'll gain in your exciting FREE report:

  • How those yearly flu shots may increase your risk of developing Alzheimer's . . .
  • Why you should never add lemon to your tea if you want to save your brain from dementia . . .
  • The "Old Testament" method to protect your brain from Alzheimer's disease . . .
  • A simple fruit extract that not only slows your brain aging, but can also reverses age-related changes . . .
  • Melatonin is just a sleep aid, right? WRONG! See how melatonin is actually one of your brain's most important antioxidants. Plus, how it can help protect you from Alzheimer's . . .
  • Why women have a higher incidence of both Alzheimer's dementia and Parkinson's disease . . .
  • Six potential brain toxins you should avoid at all costs . . .
  • The little-known connection between heart attacks, strokes, and Alzheimer's (you'll discover the common factor linking these threats, one you can take action to control) . . .
  • One easy measure you can take to decrease your risk of dementia by a whopping 60 percent (just make sure you add this tasty protein to your diet) . . .
  • How and why children with Down syndrome show the same brain pathology as those with Alzheimer's . . .
  • Why you should steer clear of aerobic exercise (despite what you may have heard). Discover how aerobic exercise can actually promote disease . . .
  • Why your brain ages (and what you can do to slow the process) . . .
  • How the "jelly-bean factor" may have contributed to the late President Reagan's Alzheimer's . . .
  • And lots, lots MORE!

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I've Suffered Personally From Mainstream
Medicine's Inability to Treat Neurologic — and
Many Other — Disorders Effectively and Safely

I'm a board-certified neurosurgeon who practiced "mainstream medicine" for nearly 30 years.

I saw what neurological disorders like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's — and many other diseases — did to people on a daily basis throughout my career.

What's worse, Parkinson's disease also devastated my family.

You see, both my parents suffered from this horrible disease.

My father was struck first.

Over 10 years, I watched helplessly as my father's condition went from bad to worse. I was very close to my dad, and to see him go from a robust, energetic man of great humor to a weak, emaciated shadow of his former self devastated me.

I tried all the traditional medical treatments I could think of. None seemed to help. I even subscribed to a special neuropharmacology journal so I would have access to research on the latest drug treatments for Parkinson's disease.

Within a few years of my father's death, my mother began to show definite signs of the disease as well.

I lived the nightmare all over again.

I tried to help my mother with newly discovered information on natural treatments for Parkinson's disease. Unfortunately, she was so depressed over Dad's death that soon she just gave up.

Within 10 years, she also died of complications associated with her illness.

Besides my own parents' experience, several other reasons prompted me to leave traditional medicine and devote my life to helping others with simple straightforward measures to prevent and reverse disease.

Here's another biggie when it comes to mainstream medicine . . .

Today's Doctors Don't Have
Time to Keep Up With the
Latest Scientific Research

As a neurosurgeon, I was part and parcel of the medical establishment . . .

For that very reason, I know the strengths and the weaknesses of conventional medicine.

In fact, I lived through these weaknesses when I saw how little mainstream medicine could do for my own parents.

Every year, our government and a number of private institutions spend billions of dollars on research, yet a great deal of this research goes unread.

Worse, most practitioners fail to use the information gleaned to treat and prevent disease.

In fact, most doctors never read more than a few articles in popular medical journals, and they almost never read studies of basic science. This is why they so predictably say that so-called alternative treatments don't work.

But the truth is, today's "alternative" treatment often becomes tomorrow's standard of treatment.

One example: For decades, so-called alternative and nutritionally oriented physicians like myself have advocated omega-3 (fish) oils as a proven preventative for cardiovascular disease, and as a vital component for neurological development in the young.

Yet for years many doctors dismissed such recommendations — and mainstream medical journals went out of their way to attack believers in fish oil supplements as misguided.

Now, of course, they all sing its praises as a preventative . . . yet it started out as an "alternative" treatment.

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Mainstream Medicine Often
IGNORES the Evidence!

We hear a lot about "evidence-based medicine," but just how much of traditional medical practice is evidence-based?

Studies show that as little as 30 percent of conventional medical practice is backed by science.

Most medical procedures, treatments, and recommendations are based on nothing more than accepted custom . . . anecdotal evidence of what works . . . and of course recommendations from drug company reps.

The term "evidence-based medicine" was invented largely to discredit all alternative treatments, since it implies that everything outside traditional medicine is not "evidence-based."

In fact, most alternative treatments have a tremendous amount of scientific evidence for their mode of action. What they often lack is large epidemiological studies, since such studies are prohibitively expensive and the government will not fund well-conducted studies.

That is why I now write and edit The Blaylock Wellness Report.

And in one of the most popular issues, Save Your Brain: Protect Yourself from the Ravages of Alzheimer's and Other Diseases, you'll discover some amazing new "alternative" therapies that can help protect you or those you love from the ravages of dementia and other disorders.

I'll tell you how you can get your FREE copy of this new special anti-Alzheimer's blueprint in a moment.

But first I'd like to tell you more about how my nearly three decades as a physician and neurosurgeon led me to embrace a more natural, nutritional approach to healing.

Finally, You Can Get the 'Inside Story'
From a Doctor Who Has Seen It All

You're probably wondering how a neurosurgeon came to champion nutritional and other forms of alternative medicine.

The truth is, I simply believe in good medicine.

I believe in preventing disease if possible — and healing it whenever I can. And over the years, I've come to believe that one of the key reasons people get sick and suffer from disease is what they eat.

I've also seen the dark side of conventional medicine as practiced in the United States:

  • Medical students and doctors being "indoctrinated" merely for financial gain . . .
  • Giant pharmaceutical machines spewing out their billion-dollar propaganda for drugs of dubious benefit — or, even worse, for drugs they knew had dangerous side effects . . .
  • Unnecessary surgeries performed when more conservative, less dangerous treatments were available . . .
  • Expensive, invasive diagnostic tests administered to patients who didn't need them — merely for "liability" reasons . . .
  • Insurance companies telling doctors how to practice medicine . . .

Finally, I just couldn't sit by any longer and remain silent.

I had to find better, less expensive, more effective solutions to the major health issues plaguing the American people.

I wanted to help people like you, who are not getting the best advice to prevent and treat diseases — just because of corporate greed and a system that puts the convenience and profit of healthcare providers above the needs of the patient.

I am convinced that the average person wants and needs better, more accurate information about threats to his or her health than exists today — threats NOT covered by the mainstream, corporate-controlled media . . .

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Natural Treatments Can Be MORE Effective
Against Neurological and Many Other
Disorders Than Dangerous Drugs!

When it comes to neurological disorders such as dementia and Parkinson's, my parents' suffering spurred me to investigate ALL the conventional forms of treatment available.

And in The Blaylock Wellness Report, I tell you all about important breakthroughs and new research on health issues like Alzheimer's — issues that the corporate-owned media ignore or deliberately suppress.

Plus, I give you practical, real-world advice about what you can do about health problems such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, heart disease, stroke, colon and prostate cancer, and many other disorders. And how you can take advantage of new discoveries cheaply and easily.

Seven Reasons Why You Need My
Cutting-Edge 'Insider' Health Reports

I will gladly send you this FREE special issue, Save Your Brain: Protect Yourself from the Ravages of Alzheimer's and Other Diseases, when you agree to a risk-free trial of my groundbreaking newsletter, The Blaylock Wellness Report.

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Reason #1: You won't get the whole story on health and wellness — or anything else for that matter — from the traditional media (this is probably one of the reasons you're a Newsmax subscriber in the first place).

Reason #2: You won't get the latest, unbiased disease-beating advice from your well-meaning friends and family members, or your favorite computer search engine.

Reason #3: You won't get all the details from your own doctor, who probably also has been indoctrinated with the traditional medical model, based on drugs and surgery — and on merely treating symptoms, rather than finding an actual cure.

Reason #4: I take no money from Big Pharma, the multibillion-dollar drug companies.

Reason #5: I get no kickbacks on any health products or supplements I recommend to you.

Reason #6: I refuse to bow down before the traditional "party line" of publications like the New England Journal of Medicine, which receives heavy financial "subsidies" from pharmaceutical advertisers.

Reason #7: I thoroughly investigate health issues with an open mind and do not engage in the type of "pseudo-research" the pharmaceutical industry funds. (The big drug companies seem more interested in pushing their costly and sometimes harmful drugs than objectively evaluating them for safety and effectiveness. Remember Vioxx?)

Because I have no conflicts of interest, I can offer you a pain-free dose of unbiased health and wellness information you just can't find anywhere else!

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Information You NEED to Know From
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  • The single best thing you can do to slash your cancer risk by a whopping 50 percent . . .
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'Arthritis: Confronting Chronic Joint Pain'

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'Prevent a Heart Attack: The Truth
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  • How that excess belly fat predisposes you to diabetes and heart disease . . .
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My best wishes for your healthy brain,

Dr. Russell Blaylock
Russell Blaylock, M.D.

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