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Is Your Doctor Making One (or More) of These Common Mistakes with YOUR Health?

Respected M.D. Exposes 5 Key Secrets
Most Doctors are NOT Even Aware of . . .

Dear Newsmax Reader,

Sure, your doctor went through a lot to get where he or she is today.

All those years in medical school.

Then residency and real-world practical experience.

Yet, despite all that education, there are some very crucial health matters that doctors don’t learn about in medical school (or anywhere else, for that matter) . . .

And, according to Newsmax medical expert Russell Blaylock, M.D. (more on him in a moment), these health “secrets” can either lead to drastic medical problems . . . or radically improve your health and your quality of life.

Fortunately, in this issue of the Blaylock Wellness Report, “5 Secrets They Don’t Teach Doctors,” Dr. Blaylock will share these little-known secrets with you.

Secrets your own doctor probably isn’t even aware of.

Discover the Single Most-Damaging (and Flawed)
Assumption Doctors Make About You

Yes, due to this one wrong assumption, right now you could be facing health issues that could be so easily avoided.

You’ve probably heard the saying that the best offense is a good defense.

This month, Dr. Blaylock shows you how to counteract the shortcomings in your doctor’s traditional shortsighted medical education by arming yourself with the right information.

Especially when it comes to protecting your health . . . and the health of your loved ones.

Take a peek at just a few discoveries you’ll make in this month’s exciting report:

  • WARNING: Could your doctor be treating his own problems with simple and natural cures, yet dismissing them for you as “impractical”?
  • The four fish you should NEVER, EVER eat (yet, they’re on the menu at most seafood restaurants).
  • PLUS — Shocking findings in the chronically ill elderly — make sure your loved ones are safe!
  • Atherosclerosis is something you only get when you’re older, right? WRONG! Could it have been smoldering away since infancy?
  • Hidden low-level nutritional deficiencies that can trigger the big killers — like cancer and heart disease.
  • Our prisons bust at the seams with violent criminals. But did you know that making a simple dietary change has the potential to make a profound reduction in criminal behavior?
  • How to help your teen improve his SAT score . . . in 5 seconds, and without another minute of studying.
  • The one simple vitamin deficiency linked to dementia in a number of scientific studies.
  • 5 vitamin deficiencies common in adolescents (fix these and watch your kids improve in attention, learning and behavior).
  • The truth about medical studies involving vitamins (4 reasons why they’re so conveniently negative).
  • “The B-Factor” — one segment of our less-healthy population should be taking advantage of it.
  • How to “program” the genes of your unborn child for better health (hint: studies have shown a reduction in breast cancer, higher IQs and better memory are possible).

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  • What the government doesn’t tell you about allowing harmful foods and drugs into the marketplace (until it’s too late, that is).
  • BETTER THAN DRUGS! This near-miracle nutrient can dramatically reduce suicide rates in the young, Alzheimer’s in the old, and attention deficit disorder in our nation’s over-diagnosed kids.
  • Why we really have an obese, tattooed, body-pierced, lazy uncontrollable generation of youth that knows little of courtesy or willpower.
  • Six ways to bring healthy self-discipline into your family’s lives (and drastically reduce your medical expenditures).
  • New idiot plan being hatched — a vaccine against obesity (see why this is a shortcut to disaster).
  • The common spice with the triple-whammy benefit (it’s a powerful antioxidant, it fights inflammation, and it targets “bad” cholesterol).
  • We may be living longer, but are we really healthier than our ancestors?
  • The pregnant woman’s vitamin deficiency that even shocked the researchers (plus, 2 ways to remedy it).
  • Why low-fat diets fail to prevent heart attacks and strokes.
  • And more, much more.

Why Newsmax Had to Bring in Our
Very Own In-House ‘Secret Weapon’

Dr.  Blaylock
Dr. Russell Blaylock

Believe me — I know there are a lot of conflicting medical opinions out there today, especially in the mainstream media.

Given the meteoric rise of devastating chronic and deadly diseases (despite the new-fangled technology and purported medical advances), you have a right to be skeptical about what you hear, read and see.

That’s why we brought in a medical doctor from outside the “traditional” medical model . . .

And if you’ve been around Newsmax for any time at all, you’ve probably heard of Dr. Blaylock.

During the years he spent treating patients in his medical, neurosurgical and nutritional practice, Dr. Blaylock became more and more fed up with the direction medicine was headed in America.

The indoctrination of medical students — and practicing physicians — for financial gain . . .

The unbridled greed of the giant pharmaceutical machines and their giant propaganda factories . . .

His dissatisfaction led him to take positive action.

He began researching the real answers to major health problems plaguing the American public — not just the “spin-doctored” answers you’ve been spoon-fed by the traditional media . . .

Dr. Blaylock wants to give you the best advice to prevent and treat any diseases affecting you and your family . . .

He understands your hunger for accurate information to make wise and economical choices about foods, drugs, health remedies and nutritional supplements.

And he puts in the time studying the latest medical and scientific research — so you don’t have to . . .

Around the Newsmax office, we call Dr. Blaylock our medical “secret weapon.”

Here’s why:

  • He takes no money from the multi-billion dollar drug companies.
  • He gets no kickbacks on any health products, supplements or anything he recommends.
  • He says ‘no’ to the traditional “party line” of medical publications that receive heavy financial “subsidies” from pharmaceutical advertisers or other biased sources.
  • He does no “funny business” research funded by the pharmaceutical industry.

So, because Dr. Blaylock has no conflicts of interest, you can count on him to tell you the God’s honest truth.

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Each month without fail, you can count on Dr. Blaylock and The Blaylock Wellness Report to provide you with . . .

Your Very Own ’Health Advisor’

Every issue of The Blaylock Wellness Report reports back to you on the “real truth” behind today’s major health issues . . . the ones that impact you and your family.

You’ll find out how to arm yourself against diseases . . .

  • BESIDES cutting them out
  • BESIDES burning them out
  • BESIDES taking dangerous drugs that may not even work
  • BESIDES feeling “just darned overwhelmed” by them

We’re talking about diseases like cancer (did you know that according to the American Cancer Society, an estimated 1.7 million people will be diagnosed with cancer in 2018?).

And like diabetes, which attacks 20.8 million people . . . just in the United States alone!

And don’t forget heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, high cholesterol, acid reflux, obesity and other threats to your well being . . . even your life.

With so many potential disease culprits, it’s just impossible for the average person to keep up with the latest news — even your own doctor doesn’t have enough time to read up on all the newest research coming out.

Because we know you need this information (and you can’t find it elsewhere), we at Newsmax want to make it downright impossible for you to pass up this opportunity . . .

Special for Newsmax Readers

You can try out The Blaylock Wellness Report for only $4.16 a month — $49.95 for the entire year!

And you know, 14¢ a day is all it adds up to — chump change, really . . .

Maybe you’re wondering why we would practically give this newsletter away. Well, it’s no mystery.

We’re so sure that once you see the value of Dr. Blaylock’s health and wellness strategies, advice and unbiased recommendations, you’ll become another one of his many devoted readers, who count on him for information that really matters.

And after all, our goal at Newsmax is to help you, not soak you!

But that’s not all . . .

If you thought that $4.16 a month sounded affordable (it is), we have an even better bargain for you.

If you subscribe for two years right now, you’ll get our rock-bottom deal — only $3.33 a month, or $79.95 for 24 monthly issues — two full years of health-enhancing advice.

For your convenience, you’ll receive an email with a link to view or download The Blaylock Wellness Report in PDF format.

And for those of you who prefer receiving something you can hold in your two hands, you’ll have the print edition mailed to you for only 42¢ additional per month (or even a bit less with your 2-year subscription).

So right now, while you are mentally committed to ensuring your good health, go stake a claim to your own Blaylock Wellness Report (you’ll have it in less than 5 minutes).

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If, at any point, you do not feel that you are getting much more in value than your small investment from The Blaylock Wellness Report . . .

Go ahead — cancel your subscription — with no obligation . . . and keep ALL the reports you’ve received.

But just to make a sweet deal even sweeter, now you also get:

Free access to ALL previously published Blaylock Wellness Reports. This includes dozens of reports on literally hundreds of health-impacting topics you need to know about.

Like these:

Cholesterol Drugs Are Dangerous

Do you have a cholesterol problem? Then you must read Dr. Blaylock’s report and learn about the all-natural supplement that reduces cholesterol without using dangerous statin drugs.

You’ll find:

  • The right — and the wrong — reasons to treat high cholesterol with statin medications (Hint: The right reason isn’t to pay for some drug company bigwig’s box seats at the pro games).
  • How having low cholesterol is not only bad for you . . . but can be just as dangerous, if not more so, than having elevated cholesterol levels.
  • Why the “supposed” dangers of dietary cholesterol have been vastly exaggerated (Hint: There’s big money involved).
  • And much, much more . . .
Health Exams That Can Save Your Life

The next time you see your doctor, you need to ask for these tests — the ones your own doctor may not know about!

You’ll also discover:

  • The 4 “EXTRA” cardiovascular tests you must have to minimize your risk of heart attack and stroke (unfortunately, your doctor probably won’t do them unless you specially request them by name) . . .
  • SPECIAL WARNING FOR MEN: Why the PSA test for your prostate may be misleading (and 10 supplements to tell that prostate inflammation goodbye) . . .
  • Better than mammograms! Four near-secret tests that are better and safer — and no more “smashed breast,” either . . .
  • Why having a yearly physical exam could lead to unnecessary testing resulting in complications . . . even death . . .
  • And much, much more . . .
Prevent Cancer Before It’s Too Late

Cancer is NOT inevitable. You can avoid this deadly disease if you have the right information. Read Dr. Blaylock’s special double report now!

You’ll see:

  • 6 oils you should ban from your kitchen if you want to avoid cancer (and the 2 oils you should never be without) . . .
  • The single thing you can do to slash your cancer risk by 50% . . .
  • What much-loved meal accompaniment increases your risk of developing cancer by a whopping 190%?
  • A common spice that contains a powerful substance scientists have determined to be one of the most powerful cancer inhibitors found yet . . .
  • Which one factor correlates to the early development of aggressive prostate cancer (This could actually cut your lifespan in half) . . .
  • Plus much more . . .
Omega-3: Nature’s Miracle Panacea

Are you worried about having a heart attack or stroke? Do you or a loved one suffer from depression? This one disease-preventing supplement can put a skidding stop to these problems (and many others) — and maybe even change your whole life.

Dr. Blaylock will share things with you in this issue like:

  • 3 easy steps you can take to balance your good fat/bad fat ratio (it’s really simple, once you get it) . . .
  • The healthy supplemental oil your kids will actually take without a fight . . .
  • How certain dietary fats can affect your brain chemistry (once you understand why, you can take your health to the next level!) . . .
  • How bipolar disorder has been linked to low levels of specific dietary fats and can be treated by simple nutritional correction . . .
  • And much more . . .
Eliminate Hypertension Forever!
The Natural Approach to Curing High Blood Pressure

50% of Americans are at risk for this killer. Do you know which natural supplement will lower your blood pressure inexpensively — and with no dangerous side effects?

In this issue, you’ll discover:

  • The natural and vital supplement that has demonstrated such dramatic improvement in cardiac function that some people have used it to avoid heart transplants . . .
  • 11 ways to control hypertension naturally and safely, with methods confirmed by carefully conducted clinical tests . . .
  • How the statistics medical experts use to measure blood pressure can be shockingly deceptive . . .
  • Plus, dozens of other useful gems to improve and maintain your health . . .

These Free Bonus Reports alone are worth more than double your discounted investment in The Blaylock Wellness Report, making your subscription the best bargain out there.

That’s about as fair as it gets, wouldn’t you agree?

Just promise me you’ll start using this information to enrich your life — and the lives of those you love — immediately, as soon as you subscribe.

You Won’t Find All This Information Anywhere Else

Don’t miss out on this limited time opportunity to boost your own health (and that of your loved ones), with the latest unbiased insider information, the most recent research studies, and intelligent tips to extend and enrich your life.

Don’t drag your feet until your health suffers. If you’ve read this far, you’re the kind of person who’s ready to experience the best health of your entire life.

Grab your hard-hitting report: “5 Secrets They Don’t Teach Doctors” right now, and your Free Bonus Reports, with your no-risk subscription.

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