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Could You Be the Victim of
Hidden Food Allergies?

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Not all food allergies or reactions are obvious — in children or adults. Symptoms may be subtle, or seem totally unrelated to food . . .

Everyone knows about people who suffer from food allergies.

You — or someone you know — likely can’t eat strawberries or peanuts or shellfish or some other food item.

Let me tell you about my niece.

She has two young sons, both victims of severe food allergies. They’re allergic to numerous things, including tree nuts and peanuts, milk, eggs, even turkey.

It’s a major ordeal for her family to go to a restaurant. Truthfully, between the foods and the oils used to cook them, there’s not much on the menu that’s safe for these kids to eat.

My niece has to carry an EpiPen® with her. This spring-loaded needle device is loaded with the drug epinephrine, to be used in case one of the boys experiences a severe allergy reaction (called anaphylaxis).

Anaphylaxis can be a life-or-death situation. My niece can’t even remember how many trips she’s made to the E.R. with one of her boys. Even during a family Thanksgiving dinner one year.

Just imagine how scary it would be for your loved one to start wheezing or have difficulty breathing or swallowing. The person with a severe allergy may even lose consciousness. Some die.

On the other hand, most adults and children with food allergies have bothersome but less serious symptoms I’m sure you’re familiar with: itchy skin rashes, stomach pain, or diarrhea.

Dr.  Blaylock
Dr. Russell Blaylock

Perhaps you feel fortunate to live free from these types of food allergies.

Yet, according to Dr. Russell Blaylock, our Newsmax medical editor, you may not be fortunate at all . . .


Because you could easily be one of the 30% of Americans who suffer from a different type of allergic reaction to food — one which you’ve probably never been told about.

You probably don’t realize it, but you’re now on your way to discovering more about hidden food allergies and reactions than most doctors even know about . . .

Those Hidden Symptoms of Food Intolerance

In this issue of The Blaylock Wellness Report from Newsmax, Dr. Blaylock shares with you the scary truth about the problem known as “food intolerance.”

Even though food “intolerance” is not quite the same as food “allergy”, don’t be fooled. It can be every bit as severe, as you’ll see. Dr. Blaylock will tell you something most Americans don’t know (including many physicians):

Many common symptoms you or your loved ones experience (and don’t even associate with food) could very well be reactions to what you’ve eaten.

Oftentimes, these reactions tend to show up in delayed fashion — days, weeks, even months after you eat the offending food.

More confusing still, they can lead to symptoms as subtle as:

  • Joint pain
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle pain
  • Cloudy thinking
  • Irritability

Or disorders as serious as:

  • Chronic migraine headaches
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Crippling neurological or psychiatric disorders

What’s worse, if you go to the doctor with complaints such as these, you could be unnecessarily prescribed expensive and potentially risky medications. Drugs that may offer you no help, because you weren’t diagnosed correctly!

Don’t Let Hidden Food Sensitivities
Rob You of Your Health . . .

Dr. Blaylock feels you deserve to know how signs and symptoms you or your family are experiencing could actually be linked to what you eat.

That’s why, in this issue of The Blaylock Wellness Report, “Are You the Victim of Hidden Allergies?”, he makes sure you discover the little-known facts about food intolerance and allergies.

Armed with the right information, so you can be diligent about proper testing and diagnosis, if necessary . . .

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll gain:

Passed His Physical with Flying Colors . . .

“As a satisfied subscriber to your Blaylock Wellness Report I have benefited from your wise advice. Last year I had a complete physical and passed with flying colors. My personal physician said that my heart and cardio system was that of a 25 year old.”

—James B. (age 46)

  • The single most accurate way to test for food intolerances . . .
  • The best way to prevent your child from getting food allergies or intolerances later in life . . .
  • Why food reactions strike some people (But not others) . . .
  • The 7 foods that most commonly trigger allergic responses . . .
  • Why traditional skin testing for food allergies is not only painful and dangerous, but highly inaccurate . . .
  • How to treat food intolerance and sensitivity — naturally . . .
  • Why reactions to certain foods could lead to problems such as schizophrenia, seizures, violence, depression, or suicide (Even though most doctors never consider food sensitivity as a possible cause) . . .
  • The 7 most common signs of an allergic reaction to food (Knowing these could help you save a life) . . .
  • A hidden link between food allergies and chronic ear infections in children . . .
  • That sneaky leaky gut syndrome (And how it allows immune reactions, infections and other medical conditions to flourish) . . .
  • Was your child or grandchild born by C-section? Here’s how to lower the risk of food intolerances . . .
  • The crucial difference between IgG and IgE (And what you must know about these two allergy-related immunoglobulins) . . .
  • Plus much, much more . . .

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Practical, life-saving information like this is why you can depend on Dr. Blaylock’s monthly newsletter — to give you the honest-to-goodness truth.

You’ll Finally Hear What No One Else
Has the Guts to Tell You

In this issue, just as he always does, Dr. Blaylock tackles not just one subject with complete honesty. He’ll also take on many other important topics that affect your health and wellbeing.

In fact, you’ll also pick up shiny ‘gems’ like these:

Appreciates the Unbiased and Timely Newsletter

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  • Why the flu vaccine is a waste of your time (Plus, how it allows even more dangerous disease organisms to emerge) . . .
  • The truth about the aluminum in cosmetic and makeup products (You really should know what you’re absorbing through your skin) . . .
  • Natural help for victims of systemic lupus . . .
  • Got glutathione? Three natural ways to boost your level of this powerful cancer-fighting antioxidant.
  • The vitamin E “cousins” that work more safely than statin drugs to drop your cholesterol level (Plus, they’re powerful antioxidants, too) . . .
  • How common diseases like diabetes and chronic fatigue syndrome are now linked to failure of the mitochondria (Those little powerhouses of your cells) . . .
  • One more reason to eat broccoli (Hint: your brain will love it) . . .
  • And much, much more . . .

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You Can’t Expect the Truth about Health from
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You know, pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars on ads with the traditional media. It seems like every time you turn on the TV, you’re likely to see drug commercials claiming to treat everything from insomnia to erectile dysfunction.

And mainstream medical journals are literally crawling with drug ads as well, infiltrating the minds of our finest physicians.

Plus, the food industry contributes their billions to keep you in the dark, too.

All that advertising equals big bucks — money the media and the journals don’t want to pass up by printing a little thing like the truth!

That’s probably just one of the many reasons you’re already a Newsmax subscriber.

Well, Dr. Blaylock says “thanks but no thanks” to the medical establishment. He’s no patsy for the traditional media, either. Around Newsmax, we consider him something of a medical renegade, because:

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  • He does NO medical "research" funded by Big Pharma, either.
  • This way, he has NO conflict of interest.

We consider it a nice change of pace — don’t you?

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Simple Strategies for Health Issues That Impact Your Life

Dr. Blaylock comes from the “traditional” world of medicine. In fact, he was a prominent, successful neurosurgeon.

So he knows far too well how doctors are flooded with pharmaceutical drug information through huge marketing campaigns.

That’s why he has devoted himself to writing about natural, healthy options you won’t find anyplace else.

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Cholesterol Drugs Are Dangerous

Do you have a cholesterol problem? Then you must read Dr. Blaylock’s report and learn about the all-natural supplement that reduces cholesterol without using dangerous statin drugs.

You’ll find:

  • The right — and the wrong — reasons to treat high cholesterol with statin medications (Hint: The right reason isn’t to pay for some drug company bigwig’s box seats at the pro games).
  • How having low cholesterol is not only bad for you . . . but can be just as dangerous, if not more so, than having elevated cholesterol levels.
  • Why the “supposed” dangers of dietary cholesterol have been vastly exaggerated (Hint: There’s big money involved).
  • And much, much more . . .
Health Exams That Can Save Your Life

The next time you see your doctor, you need to ask for these tests — the ones your own doctor may not know about!

You’ll also discover:

  • The 4 “EXTRA” cardiovascular tests you must have to minimize your risk of heart attack and stroke (unfortunately, your doctor probably won’t do them unless you specially request them by name) . . .
  • SPECIAL WARNING FOR MEN: Why the PSA test for your prostate may be misleading (and 10 supplements to tell that prostate inflammation goodbye) . . .
  • Better than mammograms! Four near-secret tests that are better and safer — and no more “smashed breast,” either . . .
  • Why having a yearly physical exam could lead to unnecessary testing resulting in complications . . . even death . . .
  • And much, much more . . .
Prevent Cancer Before It’s Too Late

Cancer is NOT inevitable. You can avoid this deadly disease if you have the right information. Read Dr. Blaylock’s special double report now!

You’ll see:

  • 6 oils you should ban from your kitchen if you want to avoid cancer (and the 2 oils you should never be without) . . .
  • The single thing you can do to slash your cancer risk by 50% . . .
  • What much-loved meal accompaniment increases your risk of developing cancer by a whopping 190%?
  • A common spice that contains a powerful substance scientists have determined to be one of the most powerful cancer inhibitors found yet . . .
  • Which one factor correlates to the early development of aggressive prostate cancer (This could actually cut your lifespan in half) . . .
  • Plus much more . . .
Omega-3: Nature’s Miracle Panacea

Are you worried about having a heart attack or stroke? Do you or a loved one suffer from depression? This one disease-preventing supplement can put a skidding stop to these problems (and many others) — and maybe even change your whole life.

Dr. Blaylock will share things with you in this issue like:

  • 3 easy steps you can take to balance your good fat/bad fat ratio (it’s really simple, once you get it) . . .
  • The healthy supplemental oil your kids will actually take without a fight . . .
  • How certain dietary fats can affect your brain chemistry (once you understand why, you can take your health to the next level!) . . .
  • How bipolar disorder has been linked to low levels of specific dietary fats and can be treated by simple nutritional correction . . .
  • And much more . . .
Eliminate Hypertension Forever!
The Natural Approach to Curing High Blood Pressure

50% of Americans are at risk for this killer. Do you know which natural supplement will lower your blood pressure inexpensively — and with no dangerous side effects?

In this issue, you’ll discover:

  • The natural and vital supplement that has demonstrated such dramatic improvement in cardiac function that some people have used it to avoid heart transplants . . .
  • 11 ways to control hypertension naturally and safely, with methods confirmed by carefully conducted clinical tests . . .
  • How the statistics medical experts use to measure blood pressure can be shockingly deceptive . . .
  • Plus, dozens of other useful gems to improve and maintain your health . . .

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