Natural Strategies Book FREE with Special Offer
Natural Strategies Book FREE with Special Offer

Top Medical Doctor Reveals . . .

How to Beat Cancer

By Making Your Chemotherapy and Radiation

  • 300% More Effective
  • And 80% Less Toxic

Dear Cancer Patient,

If you know anything at all about chemotherapy, you know it’s highly toxic. And unfortunately, it doesn’t even work for many people with cancer.

But now, a revolutionary “adjunctive therapy” helps turn your chemotherapy into a highly targeted treatment that kills cancer cells without harming healthy cells.

This eliminates two of the biggest problems of conventional cancer treatments:

  • The sickening side effects
  • The potential to develop new or more extensive cancers later on

Renowned neurosurgeon, cancer doctor, and medical researcher Dr. Russell Blaylock has written a revolutionary book to discuss this adjunctive therapy — Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients.

In this life-saving book — yours FREE with this special offer —you’ll discover how to:

  • Make conventional cancer treatments up to 300% more effective, even with just 40% of the dosage . . .
  • Reduce harsh and harmful side effects up to 80% . . .
  • Stop cancer invasion and metastasis . . .

Plus, you’ll see how to:

  • Prevent cancer recurrence and multi-drug resistance (often the reason for cancer deaths) . . .
  • Shut down the source of cancer — the cancer stem cells . . .
  • Prevent cancer in the first place, or prevent your treatment from causing new, even deadlier cancers later on ...

These benefits can mean the difference between life and death — and whether you feel healthy and energetic during your treatment, or violently sick and laid low.

What reverses cancer also prevents it. So what you’ll hear about today also makes an excellent cancer prevention program.

But if you currently have a cancer diagnosis . . . if you are either undergoing treatment or will start your treatment soon . . . you need to know some key facts, and then take a few simple, protective steps.

Here’s Why You Must Take a Few
Extra Steps to Help Yourself

FACT #1: Over the past 43 years, the cancer industry has taken tens of billions of dollars from citizens like you and from our government for the express purpose of finding a cure. Yet THEY HAVE NO CURE!

That’s because they refuse to look into the real causes of cancer, or consider anything but very expensive (and highly profitable) drug and radiation therapies.

Today, you’ll discover what they’re not telling you that can actually save your life.

FACT #2: The incidence of several major cancers has risen dramatically in the last 20 years, while the survival rates for certain cancers with a propensity to spread have remained essentially unchanged over the last 50 years.

FACT #3: Chemotherapy and radiation are themselves carcinogenic and can cause new cancers months or years later (but you can take protective steps that prevent this, which you’ll learn just ahead).

The cancer industry hides these inconvenient facts from you. Instead, they promote small benefits and skewed survival statistics.

For example, they claim cancer patients are living longer, but that’s mostly a result of earlier diagnosis, or rigged studies weighted with the strongest patients.

They also practice a cruel deception, proclaiming your treatment successful if you test “cancer-free” in five years.

But what goes unreported is the recurrence and secondary cancers caused by the initial treatment that end up killing patients six, seven, and 10 years out.

For these reasons, rushing blindly into conventional cancer treatments without taking specific protective steps can mean not only horrific side effects, but also turning a curable cancer into an incurable one.

Fortunately, Dr. Blaylock’s easy-to-implement approach makes conventional therapies far more effective, while greatly reducing their harsh and harmful side effects.

Dr. Blaylock’s Recommended Adjunctive Therapy
Is Critical to Cancer Treatment Success

Talk to any cancer patient and you’ll learn about the hair loss, the devastating nausea, fatigue, and weight loss.

You hear about the painful joints, feet, and mouth sores. The digestive problems, incontinence, cognitive decline, and liver, kidney and heart damage.

Worst of all is the severe drug and radiation toxicity that damages healthy cells, thus setting the stage for recurrence and new cancers later on — as well as serious brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS.

Dr. Blaylock’s solution prevents these serious side effects by protecting healthy cells, which in effect makes your conventional treatments targeted to cancer cells only.

This is EXCITING NEWS for cancer patients and their families, who frankly have waited far too long for a cure.

Now, as we proceed, don’t worry about getting enough detailed information to develop a personal plan for your cancer treatment or prevention program.

While we're going to lay out the whole story and provide many details in this presentation, you’ll still need more . . .

And that’s why we have a FREE BEAT CANCER KIT for you that includes everything in today’s presentation, plus many more details that will help you devise a personal plan compatible with your oncologist’s advice.

In your KIT, you’ll get a FREE copy of Dr. Blaylock’s book: Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients (a $15 value).

This remarkable book is the result of 24 years of research into making conventional treatments more effective and less harmful.

Dr. Blaylock gives you three alternative choices in your approach to a complete cure — two compatible with conventional therapies, and a third for those who do NOT want to risk chemotherapy and radiation.

Alternative No. 1: Full conventional therapy — but with specific nutritional support to make it both more effective and less harmful.

Alternative No. 2: Significantly reduced chemo dosage with greater cancer-killing effectiveness and dramatically reduced harmful side effects — based on specific nutritional support.

Alternative No. 3: A 100% natural approach that combines diet, exercise, proper hydration, and concentrated cancer-killing nutrients that have been proven effective in hundreds of scientific studies.

Your BEAT CANCER KIT also includes FREE copies of six special reports (each a $9.95 value), all written by Dr. Blaylock:

  1. The Real Cause of Deadly Cancers
  2. Nutrition and Medicine Can Beat Cancer
  3. Diabetes Cure: What You Need to Know
  4. Hardened Arteries Are Not Caused by Cholesterol
  5. Protect Your Brain From the Devastating Effects of Aging
  6. The Immune System: Your Personal Bodyguard

Note that in addition to treating and preventing cancer, your FREE KIT includes valuable information on preventing and reversing brain disorders, diabetes, and heart disease, as well as strengthening your immune system.

That’s because chemotherapy and radiation harm your brain and suppress your immune system.

And if you have diabetes or heart disease, or even those pre-conditions, your risk for cancer increases 300% to 400%. Plus, your prognosis for a good outcome is poor, unless you take the protective steps just ahead.

Just ahead, we’ll show you how to get your FREE KIT , and I’ll also reveal some of the potent solutions that you can start using today.

But first, I want you to have a few more cancer facts, so you can see why Dr. Blaylock’s approach truly represents a cancer treatment breakthrough.

See What Your Doctor Won’t Tell
You That Could Save Your Life

Cancer is a slow-developing disease. The diagnosis usually comes 10, 20, 30, and even 40 years after the “trigger” sets the process in motion.

It can also come two to 12 years following a diabetes or heart disease diagnosis — or two to 10 years following chemo and radiation therapy for a prior cancer.

Chemotherapy and radiation, while having the ability to kill cancer cells, damage the DNA of healthy cells. This sows the seeds for future, even deadlier, cancers. How does this happen?


Well, cancer begins with damaged DNA. And cell DNA can become damaged by:

  • Infections
  • Chronic body inflammation
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals, metals or food ingredients
  • Radiation and chemotherapy treatments
  • Malfunction during normal cell division

Or the main cause of cell DNA damage:

  • Free radicals generated by inflammation in a process called oxidation

Free radicals are atoms with an odd (unpaired) number of electrons. This aberration causes them to fly around out of control and burn anything in their path. A healthy body controls them with antioxidants.

But hold that thought for now . . . Let’s look at DNA damage during normal cell division, because that’s a good introduction to cancer.

How Cancer Starts

A normal cell divides 50 to 60 times, and then dies. The instruction to die is programmed into the cell’s DNA. This is called “apoptosis” and is normal. The lost cell is replaced by a new one.

Cell division usually goes smoothly, but sometimes some DNA is lost or damaged in the process. And the flaws are carried forward into the new cells.

For example, the DNA instruction regulating growth can be damaged. This makes the new cell start dividing more often, increasing the odds of further DNA damage.

But another DNA instruction — communicating with other cells — often clears up this problem, as neighboring cells send signals that regulate growth.

In any case, a regular cell must go through a significant number of DNA changes to become malignant. And while this is possible, it usually dies or is killed before that happens.

When necessary, dying cells can be replaced by new ones made by your stem cells.

The Little-Known Role of Stem Cells in Cancer

Stem cells are a more primitive type of cell that lies dormant in your body until needed. They can create any type of new cell — breast, colon, lung, prostate, brain, and so on.

Stem cells are your cell-making factory, providing repair and rejuvenation.

But the DNA in stem cells also can become damaged by free radicals.

And since stem cells have a very long life, they have the potential to go through enough damaging DNA changes to become malignant.

That’s a serious problem, because cancerous stem cells become a cancer factory, churning out masses of new cancer cells. Unfortunately, chemotherapy and radiation are highly ineffective against cancer stem cells.

What’s more, because chemotherapy is highly inflammatory, it can cause healthy stem cells to turn cancerous. This practically guarantees a secondary cancer later on.

We’ll get to the life-saving solutions in just a moment, but we want to make sure you understand this process, as it’s essential to developing a plan to defeat your cancer — and of course, prevent new ones.

A cancer cell has two significant traits. For one thing, it has lost its DNA instructions to die by apoptosis. And secondly, it has lost its DNA instructions to communicate with other cells (known as cell signaling).

Without these instructions, a cell won’t be regulated, repaired, or die on schedule. Instead, it divides endlessly and forms tumors.

Your immune system should still kill these cells, but some escape detection.

If so, these cancer cells become free to divide endlessly, form tumors, invade, and metastasize.

Now please pay close attention here, because this is where Dr. Blaylock’s approach is revolutionary, giving you the opportunity for a complete CURE.

First, Dr. Blaylock’s solution is supportive of your conventional treatments, using specific nutrients to make them both more effective and less harmful — even with a reduced dosage regimen (such as a 30% to 50% dosage).

Second, Dr. Blaylock’s recommended nutritional support protects the DNA of healthy cells from damage by chemotherapy and radiation, greatly reducing the harsh side effects and potential for recurrence and new cancers.

Third, Dr. Blaylock’s recommended nutrients promote cancer cell death by apoptosis. They strengthen your immune system to better detect and kill cancer cells. And they repair damaged cells, including damaged stem cells.

These things combine to create a highly effective path to a complete cure.

You’ll get full details in Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients. But while you’re waiting to receive your FREE book, we’ll preview some specific solutions you can start using today.

But first, let’s go to the oncologist’s office and see what happens there. You’ll see these doctors usually leave out some of these critically important steps. This explains why they have no cure, and why what they offer has serious problems with harsh side effects.

One of the biggest problems, one that’s widely discussed among doctors but not with patients, is that chemotherapy can make a person so sick that he or she can’t continue treatment. And then the cancer grows again.

Where Conventional Oncologists Go Wrong

Let me first stress — you won’t be defying your oncologist with what you discover in Dr. Blaylock’s book. On the contrary, you’ll make what he or she offers far safer and more effective.

Nonetheless, you need to know . . .

Your oncologist will NOT talk about a cancer cure for you, but rather about “tumor response.” This refers to shrinking the tumor with radiation and chemotherapy.

Your oncologist’s goal is getting you to the point where no cancer can be detected in your body with today’s tests (assuming you can tolerate the treatment).

Your oncologist will then proclaim you in remission or “cancer-free.” And complete success to your oncologist means you remain free of cancer for five years.

But you are NOT cancer-free. That’s because the cancer stem cells have not been killed, nor repaired back to a normal state.

You see, chemotherapy and radiation are NOT effective at killing cancer stem cells, and neither can they restore them back to normal cells. Therefore, the cancer factory is never shut down.

This is why conventional treatments may seem very successful in the beginning, but then the cancer comes back later, and often with a vengeance.

Typically, the stem cell cancer factory lies dormant for months or years, and suddenly swings back into action, producing new cancer cells that spread rapidly.

These secondary cancers, born out of toxic treatments, are then multi-drug resistant (MDR) and immune to any further treatment.

Sadly, almost every one of us has a relative, friend, or acquaintance who has succumbed to this sequence of events.

Dr. Blaylock is passionately devoted to preventing this from happening to you and your family. He has the solutions, including how to prevent multi-drug resistance. You’ll get them in your BEAT CANCER KIT.

Again, your FREE KIT includes his book, Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients.

In this book, Dr. Blaylock shows you how to make your conventional treatments far more effective, while protecting healthy cells from damage that causes harsh side effects and new cancers later on.

You’ll discover:

  • What initiates cancer . . .
  • What fuels it . . .
  • And what enables it to invade and metastasize . . .

And most importantly, you’ll get the specific nutrients that interfere with every stage of this process, all backed up by hard science.

Almost all of these cancer-fighting nutrients are available in delicious foods, but you’ll need to learn how to prepare them for maximum cancer-killing power. Dr. Blaylock will guide you.

Your BEAT CANCER KIT also includes six FREE reports by Dr. Blaylock that I’ll preview for you in a moment. These include:

  1. The Real Cause of Deadly Cancers
  2. Nutrition and Medicine Can Beat Cancer
  3. Diabetes Cure: What You Need to Know
  4. Hardened Arteries Are Not Caused by Cholesterol
  5. Protect Your Brain From the Devastating Effects of Aging
  6. The Immune System: Your Personal Bodyguard

Your gifts have a total value of $74.70, but they are all yours FREE today when you agree to try The Blaylock Wellness Report — Dr. Blaylock’s enormously popular monthly newsletter — for just a few pennies a day at zero risk.

Here’s how it works . . . Once you click on the BIG ORANGE BUTTON at the bottom of your screen, you’ll start your no-risk subscription and receive your FREE BEAT CANCER KIT with its valuable book and six reports.

You’ll also gain immediate access to Dr. Blaylock’s archives of over 135 past issues, covering virtually every health problem, with effective natural solutions that are easy to use. Many of these solutions work far better than drugs.

And don’t worry, you have a money-back guarantee. If, after looking over Dr. Blaylock’s valuable book, reports, and archived newsletters you decide not to continue, you can receive a full refund of the unused portion of your subscription and still KEEP your BEAT CANCER KIT.

In other words, you get to see Dr. Blaylock’s approach to a complete cancer cure at no risk. Let’s look at some of these solutions right now . . .

Start Using Dr. Blaylock’s
Cancer-Reversing Solutions Today!

Here are two solutions from Dr. Blaylock’s book that can start you on your path to a CURE today. And these same proven methods prevent cancer, too.

First, cancer cells can only use one type of fuel — glucose, which is sugar. Unlike healthy cells, they cannot metabolize fats or proteins.

Deprive a cancer cell of sugar and it starves to death. If you have cancer, this is the very first thing you must do.

Cancer doctors will tell you how important it is to eat plenty of foods to keep your weight up, even though their harsh treatments can make you too sick to eat.

Where they go wrong is failing to understand the role of scientifically-oriented nutrition in defeating cancer.

Incredibly, most oncologists and some famous cancer centers don’t know that sugary foods — including simple and refined carbohydrate foods that convert to sugar once inside your body — fuel cancer growth.

Cancer, like other major degenerative diseases, is born out of inflammation and the generation of free radicals that damage DNA in a process called oxidation.

Sugar inflames your body, and the increased insulin required for sugar metabolism is a cancer fertilizer. This is why diabetics are at much higher risk for cancer, and also have worse outcomes.

The same is also true for heart disease patients, whose disease is triggered by oxidation due to chronic inflammation, sugar, and bad fats.

You’ll learn how to reverse diabetes and heart disease in your FREE reports, Hardened Arteries Are Not Caused by Cholesterol and The Diabetes Cure: What You Need to Know.

But getting back to cancer and diet, let’s see what the “experts” recommend . . .

The American Cancer Society says it’s OK to eat ice cream, milkshakes, and low-fat yogurt during your chemotherapy treatment to help prevent weight loss. Dr. Blaylock calls that hogwash!

The Mayo Clinic advises using barbecue sauce, ketchup, maple syrup, and brown sugar as appetite boosters. They also suggest yogurt, pumpkin pie, and plain doughnuts. Wrong!

All of these products contain sugar, the only fuel cancer can use. And dairy products from cow’s milk contain both sugar and a growth hormone that promotes cancer.

Consider the case of this popular television personality . . .

In 2007, Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts received chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer at Memorial Sloan Kettering.

She said she was surprised to learn that receiving chemotherapy itself doesn’t hurt, and that it was “a time to unwind, watch movies, and enjoy lemon drops.”

Who at Sloan Kettering told her it was OK to eat lemon drops — a candy of almost pure sugar?

Unfortunately, five years later Roberts was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), a secondary cancer likely caused by her chemotherapy and sugar.

According to Dr. Blaylock, if you have cancer, consuming sugar or dairy is like throwing gasoline on a fire.

We wish somebody had told Robin Roberts that!

To be fair, the MD Anderson Cancer Center advises against the consumption of sugary foods and stresses the importance of vegetables and low-sugar fruits.

You’ll learn much more on this subject in Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients — FREE with our special offer today. But let’s learn more . . .

Getting Enough Antioxidants Is Crucial

Another example of where conventional oncologists go wrong is their misunderstanding about antioxidants.

Most oncologists won’t have any objection to your eating a variety of fresh organic vegetables, and even juicing them, which concentrates and enhances their cancer-fighting antioxidant power.

But they will strongly oppose your taking concentrated antioxidants in capsule form, saying they will negate your treatment. That’s false, but here’s why they think that . . .

Chemotherapy and radiation create a firestorm of inflammation and free radicals that severely damage the DNA of cancer cells to the point that these cells die.

Antioxidants, of course, combat free radical damage.

But, sadly, these doctors are unaware that the same immune-boosting, DNA-repairing, and cancer-killing antioxidants they object to are in the organic vegetables they say are OK to eat!

They are also apparently unaware that antioxidants protect normal cells from DNA damage, leaving the chemotherapy and radiation to do their jobs.

In fact, a concentrated dose of antioxidants makes your chemotherapy a targeted therapy, killing cancer cells while protecting healthy cells. This is a goal that has long eluded the drug makers.

But let’s look at the hard science on this. There is NOT a single scientific study that shows antioxidants reduce the effectiveness of chemo or radiation therapy. Not one!

So, why do most oncologists — and even some famous cancer centers — give bad nutritional advice that can make cancer worse, or prevent your complete recovery?

Mainly out of ignorance. Neither the true causes of cancer nor cancer-suppressing nutrition are taught in medical schools.

And that’s because medical schools are controlled by the pharmaceutical industry, which has long waged a war against natural healing nutrients because (1) they can’t be patented, and (2) they cut into drug company profits.

To denigrate nutritional therapy, they cite a few misguided studies that used relatively low doses of single vitamins. For example, one study used Vitamin C in the wrong form (ascorbic), which failed to cure cancer and in some cases made it worse.

Other flawed studies used synthetic forms of nutrients, such as beta carotene, which produced poor results. But God did not intend you to consume one vitamin alone — or synthetic vitamins either, for that matter.

You Must Go Natural for
Maximum Cancer-Killing Power

fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are loaded with thousands of natural vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, polyphenols, and phytonutrients. They all work synergistically to kill cancer and protect healthy cells.

To be fair, while most conventional oncologists remain in the dark, the Johns Hopkins dietary guidelines for cancer patients recognize the importance of antioxidants for both cancer prevention and treatment.

But Dr. Blaylock knows that most patients cannot travel to the more enlightened centers, and are also too scared to deviate from what their local oncologists tell them, even when their advice could be dead wrong.

That’s why he developed his complementary program to make conventional cancer treatments far safer and more effective — and why he provides nutritional guidelines to supersede the flawed ones offered by most cancer centers.

For example, some antioxidants, such as curcumin, have cancer-killing power, promoting apoptosis and destroying cancer growth enzymes. Simply put, if you destroy the growth enzymes, your cancer can’t grow.

Some others, such as quercetin, can repair damaged DNA and even restore cancer stem cells to normal. This effectively shuts down the cancer factory.

Others, such as acetyl-L-carnitine, prevent chemo and radiation from harming healthy cells, exactly the reason for the sickening side effects and secondary cancers that kill people years later.

Modified citrus pectin naturally prevents metastasis, and lectin-1 and lectin-2 help your immune system detect and kill cancer cells.

Two flavonoids called apigenin and luteolin inhibit angiogenesis, which is the growth of new blood vessels necessary for tumor invasion of healthy tissue.

In Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients, you’ll see how to use these and other nutrients during your treatment. The right form, quality, and dosage are all critically important.

For example, Vitamin C in the ascorbic form won’t work, but it’s quite effective in the ascorbate form when combined with several other antioxidants.

It can sound confusing, but Dr. Blaylock will guide you. And here’s another big benefit of Dr. Blaylock’s complementary approach to a complete cure.

Make Lower-Dosage Chemo Just as Effective

Natural Strategies book

With Dr. Blaylock’s nutritional guidance, you can typically reduce your chemo dosage 50%, 60%, even 70%, while boosting its cancer-killing power.

This has the added advantage of greatly reducing — even totally eliminating — the sickening side effects and potential for future cancers.

Your biggest hurdle will be getting your cancer doctors to go along with the reduced dosage, since oncologists profit from the chemo drugs they administer (sell to you), a practice many consider medically unethical.

But with Dr. Blaylock’s recommended nutritional support, your results will speak for themselves. That’s because they are typically much better than what other patients obtain.

OK, I think you realize why the conventional cancer treatment industry has a poor track record — and no cure — after 43 years of the “war on cancer.”

You also now understand what they’re missing. And what you need to do to greatly improve your chances of achieving a complete cure.

So let’s see what else is in your FREE copy of Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients that can help you develop a personal plan of action. After that, we’ll look into the six reports in your FREE BEAT CANCER KIT.

Discover Valuable Cancer-Killing
Help on Every Page

On page 3, you’ll get a list of 21 nutrients readily available in delicious fruits and vegetables that have potent cancer-fighting abilities. Most of these nutrients are also available in concentrated capsule form.

On pages 18 and 19, you’ll learn which cruciferous vegetables have the greatest anti-cancer effect. You’ll also see that a McIntosh apple has anti-cancer power, while a Golden Delicious has almost none.

On pages 30 and 31, you’ll get lists of potent anticancer vegetables and fruits to “blenderize,” multiplying their synergistic cancer-killing power while protecting healthy cells.

Learn How Cancer Works — and How to Stop It

In Chapter 2, you’ll learn all about the cancer process: how it starts, how it progresses, and what causes it to invade and metastasize. You’ll also find several ways to interfere with every one of these stages.

On pages 56 and 57, you’ll discover 12 ways to stop your tumor from growing and spreading, an essential step that can save your life.

On page 62, you’ll see how to prevent your chemotherapy and radiation from creating new cancers that are multi-drug resistant. These deadly secondary cancers can pop up even after you’ve been declared “cancer free.”

On pages 103 to 105, you’ll discover the importance of protecting fragile brain cells during chemotherapy and radiation, not only to prevent secondary cancers but also to prevent Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS. You’ll get a list of antioxidants to take during your treatment, along with the recommended dosages.

On page 122, you’ll get six potent nutrients and numerous flavonoids — all available in fruits and vegetables — that protect healthy cells against radiation damage. But how you prepare and eat them is important!

On page 137, you’ll learn the difference between omega-6 and omega-3 fats. One promotes cancer and the other suppresses it. Unfortunately, most people eat too many of the unhealthy fats, which is a major contributing factor to rising cancer rates and an accelerator for tumor invasion.

On page 176, you’ll discover a key enzyme that’s essential for cancer growth. Then you’ll see the six flavonoids — available in foods and in concentrated capsule form — that destroy or powerfully inhibit this nasty enzyme.

Discover What to Do — and What Not to Do!

On pages 185 and 186, you’ll see why you should never eat soy products, which promote cancer. You’ll also discover six readily available nutrients that reduce iron in the blood, a powerful cancer stimulant.

On pages 189 and 190, you’ll discover the importance of boosting your body’s detox system, particularly since chemotherapy is so highly toxic. You’ll see which nutrients, such as indole-3-carbinol and astaxanthin, do exactly that.

On pages 206-223, you’ll see that cancer only develops at times of suppressed immunity, and that chemotherapy and radiation both suppress immunity. But there are 14 clinically-researched nutrients that boost your immune power, making them highly effective for both cancer prevention and treatment.

On page 221, you’ll learn that a major study showed how people regularly taking ginseng had a 60% lower rate of cancer. And people taking a specific variety of ginseng had a zero cancer rate. Discover what that variety is — and how and when to take it.

On pages 229 to 237, you’ll see exactly what your anti-cancer diet should be, including the healthiest proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Most important are specific vegetables and low-sugar fruits that are high in antioxidants.

On pages 237 to 243, you’ll see that many food additives are inflammatory or function as cancer fertilizers. Fluorides promote tumor growth. Sweets and refined foods with sugars, bad fats, and chemical additives promote cancer. Dairy products from cow’s milk promote cancer. Soy milk promotes cancer. But unsweetened coconut and almond milk are safe, unless they contain carrageenan, a powerful cancer fertilizer.

Find Out How and Where to
Get the Nutrients You Need

On pages 244 to 259, you’ll discover all of the most potent cancer-fighting nutrients, and in which foods you’ll find them. You’ll see what form to buy and what dosage to use in capsule form. You’ll also learn which ones are most effective for specific cancers, such as breast, colon, lymphoma, prostate, and others.

On pages 299 to 345, you’ll get a resource guide for quality brands of concentrated nutrients, so you won’t waste money on low-quality or unethical suppliers.

On pages 244 to 259, you’ll find citations for 299 scientific studies that support Dr. Blaylock’s guidance. Nothing in his book is based on conjecture or unverified science.

As you can now see, today we do have very effective cancer cures. However, they involve consuming specific cancer-killing and DNA-protecting nutrients. That’s what conventional cancer treatment is missing.

Dr. Blaylock’s Amazing Book
and 6 Reports Are Yours FREE!

We want to get a FREE copy of Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients into your hands immediately, to eliminate harsh side effects, prevent future cancers, and save your life!

In return, we just ask you to try a no-risk subscription to The Blaylock Wellness Report for a few pennies a day. And don’t forget, your FREE BEAT CANCER KIT also includes six reports. Go here now to claim your gifts.

  1. The Real Cause of Deadly Cancers
  2. Nutrition and Medicine Can Beat Cancer
  3. Diabetes Cure: What You Need to Know
  4. Hardened Arteries Are Not Caused by Cholesterol
  5. Protect Your Brain From the Devastating Effects of Aging
  6. The Immune System: Your Personal Bodyguard

But before you hear more about your FREE reports, let me share with you why you should listen to Dr. Blaylock, not only on the subject of cancer prevention and treatment, but also on all health-related matters.

Russell Blaylock, M.D.

Neurosurgeon, Medical Researcher, Nutritionist and Editor of The Blaylock Wellness Report

Dr. Blaylock has had a lifelong interest in cancer, starting in medical school when he studied Dr. John Beard’s theory of “trophoblasts,” proposed as early as 1905. Beard’s theory was ignored for decades, but 100 years later, it’s at the heart of cancer stem cell research.

Dr. Blaylock was a highly regarded neurosurgeon, practicing in major South Carolina and North Carolina hospitals for over 24 years. He’s taught brain surgery at medical schools, and even co-invented an intricate neurosurgical procedure that’s still used today.

But his practice took a dramatic turn after both of his parents contracted Parkinson’s disease, and then died when conventional medicine failed them.

Devastated, Dr. Blaylock turned to medical research, focusing on the causes of diseases — something that is NOT taught in medical schools, NOR researched at pharmaceutical companies.

Sadly, the emphasis from our medical establishment is on “drug treatment” of diseases, not on prevention or cures. And, of course, that extends to cancer, which has ballooned to a $200 billion treatment industry — with no cure in sight.

As a neurosurgeon, Dr. Blaylock was often the first doctor to diagnose a patient’s cancer. He became a cancer expert out of necessity.

He had planned on a traditional medical career but bravely spoke out when he discovered the truth was not being reported, and, in fact, was being suppressed to protect drug company profits.

Conventional Medicine Does Not Want
You to Know About Real Cancer Cures

Hundreds of well-conducted medical studies over many decades prove that we do have cures for cancer!

Unfortunately, our drug-controlled medical system has no financial incentives to offer cures, which would reduce their enormous drug treatment profits.

To give you just one example: A typical patient with a major cancer runs up a $340,000 tab, most of which is comprised of very expensive drugs. And those profits are shared by drug companies and cancer doctors.

Imagine if they had a cure, and that cure cost $50,000. They’d lose 85% of their business! Is it any wonder, in the 43 years since declaring war on cancer, they’ve found no cure?

Meet Dr. Blaylock

It’s the same story with many other diseases. There is a diabetes cure. There is a heart disease cure. There are cures for allergies, arthritis, heartburn, digestive and intestinal diseases. Plus, there are easy ways to prevent insomnia, depression, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS.

That’s why Dr. Blaylock started writing his monthly Blaylock Wellness Report. He wanted to reveal the root causes of diseases and how to prevent them. And also provide natural solutions that work better than drugs.

Whether your concern is cancer, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, inflamed bowel, or brain disorders, The Blaylock Wellness Report will show you how to prevent and reverse diseases and stay in good health — naturally.

To start your no-risk subscription to The Blaylock Wellness Report for a few pennies a day, just click the BIG ORANGE BUTTON at the bottom of your screen.

You can order right now, completely risk-free. But if you’d like to see what’s in your FREE reports, please continue . . .

The Real Cause of Deadly Cancers

The Real Cause of Deadly Cancers

There’s a revolution going on in the secret halls of cancer research today, but you wouldn’t know it. Even your own doctor is likely in the dark.

Why are cures being withheld?

The reason is simple: Powerful interests want to protect their financial turf, and many in the medical field fiercely protect their pet theories, even when they’re long outdated and proven ineffective.

Worse yet, in the scientific literature we see major scandals — fudged data, ghostwritten articles, fake studies and experiments — all published in the most prestigious journals. Who’s behind this deception? I think you know.

But Dr. Blaylock reveals the truth every month in The Blaylock Wellness Report. And he has a lot to say about cancer.

Chronic body inflammation is the trigger for all types of cancer. That’s the genesis. And if the inflammation goes unabated, it will make the cancer more aggressive and likely to metastasize.

But that’s also great news, because YOU CAN STOP INFLAMMATION. And you also can neutralize the free radicals it creates.

This is why a diet high in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients can kill cancer or stop it from spreading entirely on its own, provided you also eliminate the sources of inflammation.

For example, sugar is highly inflammatory.

If you’ve wondered why we have so much cancer today, consider that in 1820, the average American consumed 4 pounds of sugar per year. Today, it’s up to 150 pounds, simply because it’s added to thousands of foods.

Omega-6 fat is also highly inflammatory. And yet it’s widely used in the boxed, bagged, canned, and packaged foods that line supermarket shelves, as well as in fast-food restaurants and diners.

In other words, the biggest “cancer creators” are hiding in plain sight, and consuming them over time creates the inflammatory conditions that serve as cancer incubators.

But now, in your FREE copy of The Real Cause of Deadly Cancers, you’ll discover the common sources of inflammation, along with several nutrients that powerfully suppress it.

The combination of avoiding inflammatory foods and food additives, while consuming anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrients, can give you the cancer cure you want, and prevent it in the first place.

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Nutrition and Medicine Can Beat Cancer

Nutrition and Medicine Can Beat Cancer

In this valuable report, Dr. Blaylock reveals something very few outside of the medical field know — the daily infighting between medical professionals, private practitioners, and specialists.

Plastic surgeons hate it when ear, nose and throat specialists start doing facelifts. And orthopedic surgeons don’t want neurosurgeons performing back surgery.

But the most elite club — and the one with the most overweening sense of ownership — is the cancer wing. Oncologists often arrogantly refuse outside advice.

As a neurosurgeon, Dr. Blaylock was often the first to diagnose cancer because cancer commonly spreads to the nervous system. And then he was saddened to see the poor results his patients obtained at the hands of the oncologists.

This drove him to research cancer and develop his nutritional support plan that has not only made conventional treatments much more effective, but also dramatically reduced their harsh and damaging side effects.

Dr. Blaylock advised his cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation what to eat, what not to eat, and also which nutrients to take in concentrated form — to protect the DNA of healthy cells, including stem cells.

These patients got much better results than others receiving the same treatments, and with few, if any, of the bad side effects.

But, interestingly, the oncologists never asked what these patients were doing. And when Dr. Blaylock’s patients volunteered the information, these doctors weren’t interested in learning about it. And there’s the arrogance . . .

Unfortunately, this kind of closed-mindedness has led to a great deal of unnecessary suffering and death. And if you think about it, what great claims can the cancer industry make today?

They have no cure. And 90% of their patients whose cancer has metastasized die. Even a high percentage of those who are “cancer free” in five years go on to die at six, seven, and 10 years.

But now, in your FREE copy of Nutrition and Medicine Can Beat Cancer, you’ll get the specific nutrients you need to kill cancer cells more effectively, and in a targeted way that protects healthy cells.

You’ll also get detailed guidance on nutrients that have proven — in well-conducted scientific studies — to be effective on specific cancers, such as breast, lung, colon, prostate cancer, and others.

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Diabetes Cure: What You Need to know

Diabetes Cure: What You Need to Know

Type 2 diabetes is arguably the most preventable and curable disease of our time, and yet it continues to be a major epidemic, with over 29 million Americans suffering from it today.

Worse yet, one in four Americans over age 62 now has diabetes. And these numbers are projected to get worse.

Dr. Blaylock has written about a highly effective cure for diabetes for many years, and yet it has NOT been adopted by mainstream medicine, nor reported in the mainstream media.

Why? Because the pharmaceutical industry makes a fortune selling drugs to diabetic sufferers. And the media will not report on the true causes of diabetes, because their biggest advertisers make products that cause it.

And yet, there’s an even more important reason to take Dr. Blaylock’s cure seriously:

If you have diabetes, your risk for cancer goes up 300% to 400%. And if you’re a diabetic undergoing cancer treatment, your prognosis for a good outcome is poor.

That’s because diabetes creates chronic body inflammation and massive numbers of free radicals. Plus, insulin is a cancer fertilizer. You can’t beat cancer, or even prevent it, if you don’t take steps to reverse diabetes.

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Hardened Arteries Are Not Caused by Cholesterol

Hardened Arteries Are Not Caused by Cholesterol

The well-established and widely promoted notion that high cholesterol causes heart disease is the greatest medical fraud ever perpetrated on the American public.

And it was perpetrated for the purpose of selling cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, which (not coincidentally) are the most profitable drugs in pharmaceutical industry history.

Yes, cholesterol is found in the plaque that builds up on arterial walls. But that’s only because cholesterol is in virtually every cell of your body. In fact, without cholesterol, which serves many vital bodily functions, you’d die.

You can argue that oxidized LDL cholesterol is a key factor in heart disease (and it is), but the root cause is inflammation.

Heart disease is caused by the same process that causes all of the degenerative diseases — inflammation, free radicals, and lipid peroxidation.

What most people don’t realize is just how closely related these diseases are. And most people don’t know that those with arthritis, diabetes, Crohn’s, and heart disease — all inflammatory diseases — have a much higher risk for cancer.

What’s the solution? Stop consuming the specific foods that create inflammation, produce free radicals, and cause damage to your arterial walls via lipid peroxidation.

The only reason plaque builds up in your arteries is that your immune system is trying to make a repair, which it does by forming a scab. That’s plaque.

The scab has cholesterol in it, but blaming cholesterol for heart disease is like blaming firemen for a fire, just because they are on the scene.

The good news is that, with the right guidance, you can stop taking statin drugs. This can eliminate numerous harmful side effects, such as muscle damage, brain fog, memory loss, hormonal imbalances, and sexual dysfunction. Statin drugs also destroy CoQ10, an essential nutrient for heart health.

Get your FREE copy of Hardened Arteries Are Not Caused by Cholesterol and get the simple and very effective solution to preventing and reversing heart disease.

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Protect Your Brain From the Devastating Effects of Aging

Protect Your Brain From the Devastating Effects of Aging

Oncologists believe that chemotherapy does not harm the brain because the drug cannot cross the blood-brain barrier.

While that’s true much of the time, the drug will cross the blood-brain barrier under certain conditions, such as fever, infection, high blood pressure, or the presence of a neurodegenerative disease.

Chemo drugs can also cross the blood-brain barrier when given in large doses, or when the dosage regimen is extended for many months, which is common today (all the more reason to use Dr. Blaylock’s approach with reduced chemo dosage).

Recent research also shows that certain chemotherapy drugs, ones often used in chemo cocktails, do cause neurological damage, with brain cells suffering damage or death long after the treatment has ended.

In fact, some chemotherapy drugs have been found to be more toxic to brain stem cells than to the cancer cells they are trying to kill. This opens up the possibility not only for serious cognitive decline, but also for brain cancer.

It’s widely known that cancer patients can develop several symptoms of cognitive decline known as “chemo brain.”

These include memory loss, inability to focus or learn new things, seizures, vision loss, and even dementia.

x-rays of the brain

Radiation to the brain, of course, can do severe damage. And Dr. Blaylock has talked to a number of cancer radiologists, who’ve revealed that they would not choose brain radiation for themselves or their family, even though they administer it.

This is just one more example of how conventional cancer treatment is “entrenched” and very difficult to change, even when it’s dead wrong.

But what can you do to protect your brain during cancer treatment, as well as from the ravages of aging even without cancer?

It’s important to consume copious antioxidants in fresh organic vegetables, which are made even more effective when blenderized, a specific technique Dr. Blaylock explains. Additionally, you should eat fresh organic blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, black currants, and strawberries — but do not add sugar.

These berries are loaded with flavonoids that protect brain cell DNA, improve cognitive function, and prevent cell microglia activation, which keeps inflammation down.

In your FREE copy of Protect Your Brain From the Devastating Effects of Aging, you’ll also discover easy ways to prevent Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, and ALS, which are all related to inflammation and free radical damage.

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The Immune System: Your Personal Bodyguard

The Immune System: Your Personal Bodyguard

According to Dr. Blaylock, everybody, at various times, has some degree of cancer — just not enough to be detected.

Precancerous cells are very common but usually commit suicide by a process called apoptosis. And fully developed cancer cells are routinely killed off by a strong immune system.

Cancer has often been described as a disease of aging, because cancer cells are most likely to escape detection by an immune system that has been weakened by age.

But in the last 20 years, we’ve seen increased cancer in younger people as a result of several immune-suppressing factors. This is contributing to the fast-rising cancer rates.

The World Health Organization projects a 57% rise in cancer rates over the next 20 years. They even said, “We can’t treat our way out of this problem.”

And that’s certainly true if patients are relying on conventional cancer treatments alone, as they don’t work very well. Plus, as you’ve seen, these forms of treatment can even create new cancers.

But here’s what you need to know: If you get a diagnosis of cancer, you’ve either let body inflammation go unabated, you’ve done something that’s weakened your immune system, or you have reduced immune function from normal aging.

Here are some of the things that weaken your immune system, increase inflammation, and make you more prone to cancer:

  • Exposure to heavy metals in foods, air, water, and drugs
  • Eating too many sugary foods and drinks
  • Smoking
  • Eating genetically modified foods (GMOs)
  • Having imbalanced hormones or nutritional deficiencies
  • Eating processed foods with inflammatory sugars, bad oils, and glutamates

Let’s briefly look at just one thing to avoid: glutamates, often called MSG.

These chemical flavor enhancers are hidden in hundreds of processed foods under safe-sounding names, such as soy protein, hydrolyzed protein, natural flavors, stock broth, and several more.

The problem is that glutamate receptors are found on the surface of breast, lung, gastrointestinal tract, pancreas, prostate, skin, and even bone cells. And once stimulated, they cause cancer to grow faster.

Worse yet, when glutamates are combined with refined sugars or chemical sweeteners — common in processed foods — they can turn healthy cells into cancer cells.

The good news is that all of these things can be avoided or easily corrected. And your immune system can be improved to better prevent or fight cancer at any age.

You’ll get all of the solutions in your FREE copy of The Immune System: Your Personal Bodyguard. But let me give you just a few tips right now . . .

Vitamin D3 is very important to the regulation of your immune system, and most people don’t get enough. Avoid the Vitamin D2 form, which is worthless.

Taking a high-quality probiotic daily is essential, as the majority of your immune system activity originates in your gut.

Taking beta-1,3 glucan once a week is very helpful in stimulating your immune system back into “fighting shape” — especially important for seniors.

Taking N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC) will boost your body’s levels of glutathione, a major immune-boosting antioxidant. Do not take glutathione pills as they are very poorly absorbed.

There are many more things you can do to boost your immune system, and to prevent cancer or reverse it. This is especially important during treatment, as both chemotherapy and radiation suppress your immune response.

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OK, that wraps up our presentation today. I hope you now have a very good idea of how to prevent, stop, reverse, and cure cancer!

It really isn’t unrealistic when you employ Dr. Blaylock’s adjunctive nutritional therapy, which is entirely complementary to chemotherapy and radiation.

It really comes down to this . . .

The conventional therapies can’t kill cancer stem cells, nor restore them to normal, yet oncologists recommend a lot of chemo and radiation to get the cancer under control. And these treatments are highly toxic.

But with Dr. Blaylock’s approach, the cancer stem cells are killed or restored to normal, shutting down the cancer factory. This helps the conventional therapies get the job done faster with lower dosages.

Dr. Blaylock’s recommended nutrients also protect healthy cells, dramatically reducing harsh side effects and the potential for secondary cancers.

This is how you can get the complete cure you want and deserve!

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