The Bible’s Food Cures
Can Change Your Life!

Miracle Food Cures From the Bible will feel miraculous, but they are simply what God intended for you.

All of the healing foods, herbs, and plants mentioned repeatedly in the Bible are proven remedies, backed by thousands of anecdotal success stories and hundreds of scientific studies.

Christian author Reese Dubin has done a phenomenal job of assembling this comprehensive set of remedies, proving the Bible is not just God’s law, but God’s cure.

On page 27, you’ll see how to make a tea from three Bible foods to remedy Type 2 diabetes.

On page 56, you’ll discover an herb used at the Last Supper that eliminates allergy symptoms.

On page 135, you’ll discover a delicious food blessed by Jesus that powerfully reduces inflammation. And that’s important because . . .

Medical researchers now know that inflammation drives all of the major diseases, including arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, irritable bowel, Alzheimer’s and other dementias, and even cancer.

And look at this . . .

On page 213, you’ll learn about a sacred drink used by Jesus that reduces blood fats, improves circulation, and slows aging.

On page 324, you’ll discover a Bible cure that soothes an upset stomach, improves digestion, eliminates gastrointestinal problems, and detoxifies the liver.

On page 29, you’ll find a Bible food remedy for varicose veins. On page 51, one that melts away fat. On page 171, a remedy that wipes out arthritis pain.

And there’s so much more in this great book . . .

Hundreds of Bible Remedies
Covering All Ailments

Although this healing guidebook is over 400 pages long, it’s organized into 18 easy-to-use chapters, with each ailment and its remedy getting a quarter of a page to a full page, and instructions on how to use each one.

Virtually every ailment is listed in the table of contents and index, so you can easily look up any problem, condition, or disease.

Look at these great solutions . . .

On page 116, you’ll get a Bible remedy to stimulate hair growth. On page 285, you’ll find one for instant cough relief. On page 353, you’ll get a Bible cure for ulcers, and on page 354, one for insomnia.

Men will find a Bible remedy for an enlarged prostate on page 370, and on page 52 a miracle herb from the Last Supper that relieves painful urination.

Women will find a Bible cure for vaginitis on page 50. And many women’s problems, such as cramps, mood swings, hot flashes, dry skin, thinning hair, and thyroid problems, are well covered.

There are over 40 pages devoted to the subject of cancer — all from the Bible!

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