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Doctors' Confidential Health Secrets Video Library

Complete 10-Volume Collection — Save Over $300

Health Secrets Video Library

Imagine a prestigious panel of America’s most sought-after doctors gathering together to present their very best healthy living advice and confidential medical knowledge directly to you . . .

Health Secrets Video Library
  • Starting with a medical weight loss expert to help you reach and maintain your ideal weight once and for all (and who also happens to be a best-selling author, international speaker, and noted television personality);
  • Then a skilled former neurosurgeon who has devoted his second career to learning why our food supply is killing us, and how each of us can still eat healthy (and whose research became intensely personal after he tragically lost both his parents to Parkinson’s disease);
  • Next up, a thyroid specialist noted for his ability to get to the root of undiagnosed illness other doctors miss (and who serves as a family physician as well as one of North America’s foremost practitioners of holistic medicine);
  • And finally, a brain health expert to steer you clear of age-related memory loss and mental decline, and even help you reverse them (and who happens to be an award-winning author and UCLA professor).

This vast collection of hard-to-find medical wisdom is precisely what you’ll experience with the complete 10-volume DOCTORS’ CONFIDENTIAL HEALTH SECRETS VIDEO LIBRARY — now available for a limited time exclusively from Newsmax Health.

75% Off Customer Appreciation
Sale — 10 Days Only

You’d expect such a high-level panel to be open by private invitation only. In fact, that’s exactly what’s happening with this very limited offer from Newsmax Health . . .

Each of these four top doctors came to Newsmax Health studios to record their presentations, so you can enjoy them from the comfort of your home. Yet our warehouse has only a limited supply of this 10-DVD video collection. Complete sets are being offered by invitation only to our best customers. This is your only invitation. [Sorry, absolutely no resellers or online stores may respond to this offer or our entire inventory would be gone. We must impose a strict limit of one collection per customer. Thanks for understanding!]

For a very limited time, Newsmax Health is making this collection available to a pre-selected segment of its best customers. This special Customer Appreciation event lasts 10 days only or while supplies last, and could be withdrawn early and without notice.

In this collection, our four Newsmax Health medical experts reveal some of their most powerful, and yes, sometimes controversial findings. If these secrets were made available to the public at large, the backlash from vested interests in both the public- and private-sector medical establishment could be significant. For this reason, only a limited production run of this collection has been authorized.

Were this event held live, you’d also expect that tickets to hear such a high-level panel of medical experts would be priced accordingly. Indeed, the combined value of the 10 great presentations you’ll receive is $399.50.

However, because Newsmax Health wants to reward you for being such a loyal customer, we are underwriting over 75% of the cost for you, provided you act in time. So you’ll pay a mere $97 to receive the entire 10-volume video collection to view in your own home as many times as you like. That’s a savings of more than $300 to show our appreciation for you, a loyal customer.

Doctors’ Confidential Health
Secrets Video Library

Simply pop the discs into your DVD player, sit back, and prepare be to enthralled by four top medical doctors who are changing lives everywhere with breakthrough techniques that mainstream medicine is barely catching on
to . . .

Health Secrets Video Library
Health Secrets Video Library
  • The truly silent epidemic: 52 million Americans suffer from a serious condition that has no pink-ribbon campaigns or billion-dollar research and publicity effort. Even most doctors don’t understand it, though it is strongly linked to both heart disease and arthritis. In the DOCTORS’ CONFIDENTIAL HEALTH SECRETS VIDEO LIBRARY, you’ll hear directly from the one brave physician whose many grateful patients have had their health problems cured with this one diagnosis.
  • “His 25-year history of angina went away in seven days, never to return, and he lost 20 pounds without changing his habits.” A medical miracle? Or a genuine breakthrough in medical practice? The doctor who made it all happen explains.
  • “The most commonly missed diagnosis today.” Will you recognize your own symptoms when you hear this presentation? Many have while listening to this innovative and captivating physician.
  • “The most important thing I have found to help my patients improve their health in the last 20 years.” The failure of many doctors to understand this one principle is a prescription for disaster in this country, reveals this astute physician.
  • 4-minute memory booster that will improve your own memory immediately in just three simple steps. Proven, quick, and easy — and may make your memory better than it was 10 to 20 years ago.
  • Discover why this noted brain expert tells hushed audiences, “Most people don’t realize how easy it is to super-power your memory using the very simple techniques I’m going to describe today.”
  • “My techniques become second nature.” Put this noted memory expert’s secrets to work so you never forget a name, a face, or where you put your keys or glasses.
  • Why everything you’ve been told about cholesterol is wrong, plus much easier ways to prevent heart attacks, strokes, and atherosclerosis without taking cholesterol medication.
  • What Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know and your doctor won’t tell you — half of all heart attacks occur in people with normal cholesterol levels.
  • Infection is strongly linked to heart disease. Avoid one and you’ll avoid the other. You’ll learn the exact types of infections that are the leading culprits. And while they are all common, they are also largely avoidable.
  • Mainstream medicine shocker — one thing causes memory loss, amnesia, cognitive dysfunction, reduced immunity, and may increase cancer risk, yet doctors are prescribing it to thousands more patients every day of the week.

Which Of These Hard-To-Find Medical Discoveries
Will Restore Your Perfect Health?

  • Since the beginning of time, every last morsel of food was harvest wild, grown at home, or came from a farm. Until the last century, when most of our food started to come from factories, where up to 3,000 mystery ingredients are added. No wonder so many of us age prematurely, have major health problems, and just feel lousy! You’ll learn more from this one presentation than by reading every nutrition label in the grocery store.
  • Dangerous food additives that are FDA approved. It makes no sense at all, until you see this video and learn from this remarkable physician the shocking truth about how food manufacturers get rubber-stamp approval from crony federal bureaucrats.
  • Processed foods that are known to cause brain damage but are sold legally in every grocery store in America. How many are in your kitchen right now? Watch the video and learn which foods to leave on the supermarket shelf.
  • What’s going on here? Despite the avalanche of diet books, weight loss pills, and magic berry solutions, the prevalence of obesity has nearly tripled in the last 50 years. Finally, a common-sense explanation for America’s obesity problem and what you can do about it in your own life.
  • The totally overlooked cause of weight gain. Solve this one problem with help from a Newsmax Health doctor and watch your weight return to normal.
  • Hair-loss medications and treatments are primarily directed at men, yet hair loss in women can be more upsetting as it’s a sign of aging. Get help to prevent or reverse female hair loss from a caring expert.
  • Can you name the most common symptom physicians in clinical practice are faced with? The answer is . . . fatigue. And yet, as you’ll hear this astute doctor explain, fatigue is the first complaint to be dismissed by most general practitioners, even though it is the first warning sign of many diseases!
  • Learn the preventable causes of fatigue. You’ll discover the link between aging and energy shortage, then look forward to waking up energized and raring to go instead of drained and depleted. It’s all in the video.
  • Doctor’s simple cures for brain fog, feeling stressed out and blue, having your sex life stuck in low gear, and other common fatigue-related symptoms. All from the doctor who dares to promise, “Your best days are ahead of you!”
  • And perhaps the most essential presentation of this entire collection — “4 Essential Strategies to Protect Your Brain from Alzheimer’s.” This is a must-see video for anyone over age 40.

Brain health is essential for achieving quality longevity. Most risk factors for dementia are not genetic, as you’ll learn in this fascinating presentation that explains what you can do about every one of them.

Chances Are Your Doctor Has No Clue About These Cutting-Edge, Sometimes Controversial Findings

This is truly hard-to-find information, and it can transform your life. Even most medical doctors don’t know or understand these techniques and principles — in part because these approaches just aren’t taught in medical schools, and because many of today’s medical professionals simply don’t have time to advance their knowledge due to being bound up in government paperwork and Obamacare red tape (something you’ve probably heard about recently if there’s a doctor or nurse in your own family).

But Newsmax Health breaks through all that. We’ve gone straight to the very cutting-edge doctors who are the great medical innovators and outside-the-box thinkers of our time. Their solutions flat-out work — and without costly drugs, risky surgery, or frightening side effects.

The DOCTORS’ CONFIDENTIAL HEALTH SECRETS VIDEO LIBRARY brings you 10 lectures from these top doctors. Each one of the 10 is fascinating, because they deal with the diseases and conditions most likely to affect you and those you love.

Alone, each video carries a retail price of $39.95. That brings the total value of the 10-volume set to $399.50 — and at that price, it would be worth every penny because of the life-changing, health-transforming secrets it reveals.

However, as a special one-time offer for our best customers, Newsmax Health is underwriting over 75 percent of the cost for pre-selected invitees — our most appreciated customers. And if you’re reading this message, that includes you — you have been selected and are eligible to claim this collection right now.

We only ask two things in return. First, we must limit this offer to one 10-volume set per customer. Sorry for any inconvenience, but we created this video library as a special opportunity for our best customers, and we want to serve as many of them as possible.

And second, this offer is being held open for 10 days only. After that, our dedicated warehouse staff needs to get back to shipping our regular products, at our regular prices. Again, thanks very much for understanding!

Now it’s up to you. Please claim your DOCTORS’ CONFIDENTIAL HEALTH SECRETS VIDEO LIBRARY without delay. Orders will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Special Added Benefit

To make this Customer Appreciation Event even more special, we’re going a step further to serve you even more. For those customers who choose to accept this 75% off offer for the DOCTORS’ CONFIDENTIAL HEALTH SECRETS VIDEO LIBRARY, Newsmax Health is going to include a full year’s subscription to the Blaylock Wellness Report. There is no additional cost for this full-year private subscription.

The issues you’ll receive will no doubt add to your medical knowledge, reveal fascinating information about your health that you just won’t find elsewhere, and help put you on the path to future good health. And should you wish to continue this subscription beyond the first 12 months, that’s easy, too — one will be reserved for you under the most favorable terms offered anywhere.

Your subscription will be to the Blaylock Wellness Report by Dr. Russell Blaylock, one of the four great doctors featured in the DOCTORS’ CONFIDENTIAL HEALTH SECRETS VIDEO LIBRARY.

In the Blaylock Wellness Report, you will discover life-altering health information that not one in a hundred people know about:

  • Why skin cancer rates continue to soar — despite the widespread use of sunscreens
  • Nine foods you must avoid if you are at risk for glaucoma
  • Why your cholesterol level may not really matter
  • The bill of goods statin drug makers are trying to sell you
  • And much, much more . . .

And that's not all. You will also get convenient, anytime online access to the Blaylock Wellness Report subscribers-only archive — the value grows each month and is reserved for paid subscribers only. You can go back and read as many of Dr. Blaylock’s recent and past issues as you wish, all without paying an extra dime.

This full one-year subscription to Dr. Blaylock’s paid newsletter brings the total value of this great Customer Appreciation Offer to $453.50. Yet with Newsmax Health underwriting the lion’s share of this offer, you get the newsletter subscription plus the great 10-volume video collection all for only $97.

You probably realize that this is an unusual offer — not the way most publishers typically do business. We created this limited-time opportunity to recognize and reward valued customers like you, because you really are what Newsmax Health is all about. But please do ACT TODAY while this 10-day window of opportunity is still open.

Click here right now while this offer is still available. This opportunity is strictly first-come, first-served, and considering this 10-video collection plus full-year newsletter subscription is priced at more than 75% off, it could sell out at any time. Please don’t delay — secure your Customer Appreciation Offer right now.