What Others
Say About
The Blaylock
Wellness Report

Dr. Russell Blaylock

Doctor, Neurosurgeon,

Author, Health Advocate

“The report is very informative. Dr. Blaylock is a teacher at heart. I love that I can review the archives and I am constantly passing on information to friends and relatives.”

Donna, Texas

“Dr. Blaylock is my hero. I’ve learned so much from him. I recommend the newsletter to people all the time. I am so much better informed and am able to teach my family what I learn.”

Carrie, Utah

“There are so many valuable nuggets within EACH report. Often, the Q&A section is worth the entire issue alone.”

Maggie, Louisiana

“I have been reading the Blaylock report for over two years. I require little medical interventions due to following a supplement regime I read [about] in the issues of the report. It helped me understand the combinations of supplements that I should be taking and understand the disease process that I was trying to prevent. His articles are very helpful and packed with excellent information.”

Howard, New Jersey

“I really like this publication and look forward to it. It covers a good range of topics and offers some really practical advice. I often lend my copies to friends and family. It’s great to have a medical doctor not being influenced by the major pharmaceutical companies.”

Sheryn, Wellington New Zealand

“The Blaylock Wellness Report is the best health newsletter out there! He is ahead of his time and I highly value Dr. Blaylock’s nutritional recommendations. The biggest benefit is that he educates me on varying health topics. I love the level of detail.”

Michelle, California