“When Will You Reach YOUR Toxic Tipping Point?”

The Truth About the Toxins in Your Home —
and How They Are Slowly Killing You

Discover a Simple Blueprint to Take Rapid Action and Save Yourself NOW!

FACT: We are under the greatest assault in the history of humanity. This toxic assault constantly invades each of your body’s cells and organs, altering your physiology. Plus, it continues to attack your children, grandchildren, and even those unborn.

FACT: If you’re not really sick, but not truly well either, your body is desperately trying to signal its distress. Feeling bloated, fat, tired, depressed, constipated, gassy, headachy, or foggy is NOT normal. And it doesn’t end there. When you hit your own toxic tipping point, the symptoms elevate to something much worse. Unless you take action, it’s just a matter of time.

FACT: Over the last year, millions of people who reached their toxic tipping point died — from heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and other disorders. The illnesses take many forms, but they all lead back to the original source: an overload of toxins in the environment, in your food, in your pills, and in your home.

Finally, someone has the guts to tell you the truth.

Suzanne Somers not only looks younger than her 68 years — she wakes up each day feeling great. And she moves with the flexibility, strength, and grace of someone decades younger. (Did you see her moves on Dancing With the Stars?)

Now, in Suzanne’s 25th book on health and healing, this actress turned natural health advocate has written a shocking exposé that will open your mind to the dirty little secret no one else has the courage to acknowledge . . .

You Will Never Feel Well With a Toxic Body — and Mainstream Medicine Doesn’t Have a Clue How to Help You

Did you know that you are regularly exposed to over 6,000 common everyday chemicals, each of which alone can cause numerous symptoms? Or that these toxins accumulate in your fat tissues faster than your overworked system can eliminate them?

Did you know that younger and younger people are contracting cancer? In fact, the childhood cancer rate has risen 67% since 1950.

And it’s not only young people. You may think the nagging symptoms you experience in your daily life mean you’re just getting older, but it’s not your age. It’s the bombardment of thousands of toxins — ones your parents and grandparents never had to face.

The human body was never meant to deal with this volume of dangerous chemicals, toxins, and drugs permeating our everyday life.

You were assured — by the pharmaceutical companies, the food industry, the FDA, the EPA, other government “safety” organizations, and, of course, agribusiness conglomerates like Monsanto — that these foods, these pills, these household cleaning products, these pesticides and other chemicals were safe.

Well, Suzanne’s book TOX-SICK (which you can get FREE with a Special Offer available only from this letter) will open your eyes to the truth.

You won’t get this information anywhere else. That’s because orthodox medicine in relation to today’s toxicity is 50 years old — way behind the times.

And There’s No Pill to Fix These Problems

In fact, pills are part of the problem. You go to the doctor with your various symptoms. Your well-meaning doc writes you a prescription, followed by another one when the first one doesn’t work.

Soon you feel even more sluggish, and at some point your body hits a tipping point.

And pharmaceuticals aren’t the only problem. Conventional medicine couldn’t help Suzanne’s family members with their health issues, either.

Her husband, Alan, was hit hard by symptoms due to the toxins from black mold growing undetected in their rented home. Suzanne’s step-daughter Leslie and granddaughters Camelia and Violet also suffered many toxicity-related problems. Between them, their symptoms included brain dysfunction, migraines, stomach cramps, bloating, and weight gain, among others.

Suzanne includes candid interviews with her family members in TOX-SICK. She believes you can relate to what they went through. You may even share some of the same symptoms. You’ll hear their own personal battles with toxins — and how they overcame them using the same tips and strategies you’ll discover in this book.

And that’s the good news . . . Suzanne and her family members were able to recover from their various maladies with a simple program of detoxification and proper medical guidance. While it certainly didn’t happen overnight, they recovered — and you can, too.

You CAN Go From TOX-SICK to Not Sick

If you’re like most folks, you probably don’t know where to find the help you need. And now you know how little conventional medicine has to offer. That’s why Suzanne brought the “big guns” of cutting-edge environmental medicine to help you.

In TOX-SICK, you can peer in as Suzanne interviews:

  • Dr. Sherry Rogers, an environmental doctor with over 40 years of experience. Dr. Rogers reveals the truth about detoxification — and where you’ll likely end up if you don’t take it seriously . . .
  • Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez explains where cancers really come from. Discover how to prevent or manage them by detoxifying the liver and supplementing with enzymes . . .
  • Dr. Stephen Sinatra, America’s leading heart doctor, explains how most cardiologists are approaching heart disease all wrong. See why you need a healthy gut, a detoxed body, and high-quality fats in your diet . . .
  • Dr. Walter Crinnion teaches you what everyday objects to avoid. Find simple diet and lifestyle shifts that can clean up your home (and your health) in mere weeks . . .
  • Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker alerts you to mold toxicity, the newest threat to your brain and overall health — and discloses just what you can do to fight back . . .

Each interview reads as though you have a private appointment with one of the world’s best specialists in his or her medical field. They will unravel the mysteries of these invisible enemies wreaking havoc on your body.

And know this . . .

TOX-SICK Delivers Simple Advice for Anyone, Male or
Female — No Matter How Old (or Young) You Are

The advice you’re handed in TOX-SICK works so well because it addresses all six of the major toxic threats to your health:

  1. The low-fat food movement and processed, sugar-filled foods. We switched from natural butter to chemical-filled margarine because we were told it was healthier. We’ve been told to use highly refined and inflammatory vegetable oils for heart “health.” And we eat far too many processed, sugar-laden foods. The result? Epidemics of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and more. Don’t despair — solutions exist, and you’ll see them in TOX-SICK.
  2. The overuse of pills. Most pills are Band-Aids that merely mask symptoms, and their chronic use compromises your GI tract and immune system. Even children now take prescriptions in record numbers, including the 10,000 American toddlers medicated for alleged ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). And middle-aged and older people pop pills by the millions. Discover how you can eliminate the need for so many drugs.
  3. GMOs (genetically modified organisms). GMO food manipulation ultimately incorporates the altered DNA of food into our bodies. This disrupts the normal function of the gut and liver, and may be particularly dangerous to babies and children. Despite what you may have heard from the FDA, no reliable long-term human testing has been done with regard to GMO safety. The animal studies you will read about in TOX-SICK will shock you with their horrendous findings.
  4. Plastics and other chemicals. Our food has been hijacked by pesticides, herbicides, and weed-killers. Our bodies contain dioxins, PCBs, and other chemicals that are among the most potent causes of cancers known to man. Even the bottled water we drink is contaminated by the plastic it comes in. Cancer-causing styrene is emitted from our computers. See how to clear out your system in two to three short weeks.
  5. Toxic mold. Mold toxicity is not rare — the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health admits that half our buildings in the U.S. have moisture problems. Mold-induced toxicity can degrade health and cause lifelong trouble, including brain dysfunction, weight gain, fatigue, and symptoms mimicking Parkinson’s disease. Unfortunately, many who suffer debilitating mold-related problems are written off as hypochondriacs.
  6. EMFs (electric and magnetic fields) and cellphones. Computers, cellphones, microwaves, tablets and other devices contain electromagnetic radiation linked to many diseases and disorders, including cancer, Alzheimer’s, brain development issues, fertility woes, heart problems, and many more. Find 10 simple ways to reduce your exposure.

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed with all these major toxic threats to your health. Fortunately, in TOX-SICK, Suzanne dismantles them, one by one. You’ll discover how easy it is to:

  • FORCE the accumulated toxins out of your body
  • HEAL the damage toxicity has caused your body
  • STOP new toxins from attacking your body
  • CLEAN up your body to protect you from future toxicity

Because, despite the toxic soup humankind has created, you can thrive. With just a little commitment on your part, you can enjoy vibrant, sustainable health for the rest of your years.

And don’t worry that you’re too old to gain from this advice . . .

Remember, Suzanne is 68. Her husband, Alan, is 78. So the advice you find in TOX-SICK will work for you even if you are 50, 60, 70, or older. And if you’re under 50, you are even more fortunate to have the opportunity to lighten your toxic load before mid-life, when things start to get dicey.

Imagine Waking Up Each Morning Feeling
Energized, Upbeat, and Raring to Go . . .

Once you apply the simple protocols you’ll find in TOX-SICK, you’ll wish you’d had the information in this book years ago.

Bloating, cramping, constipation,
heartburn — GONE . . .

Fatigue, depression, foggy
thinking — GONE . . .

Weight gain, restless sleep,
headaches — GONE . . .

Allergies, hay fever,
sinusitis — GONE . . .

Aches and pains, stiff
joints — GONE . . .

Finally, your weight is perfect, your belly is flat, your thinking is clear, and your memory works again . . . You’ve got plenty of energy from morning until night, which is great, because your libido is back, too . . .

Everything You Need to Know
Condensed Into One Jam-Packed Book

So let’s recap what you’ll discover in TOX-SICK. With Suzanne’s help — and the help of courageous doctors working in the trenches of environmental medicine — you’ll see how to:

  • Reduce your chemical load
  • Clean up your diet
  • Clean out your body
  • Rid your home of toxins and chemicals

And getting down to the nitty-gritty, you’ll find:

  • An easy-to-follow nine-point detox checklist to help you minimize the potential damage to your body from toxins you face on a daily basis (on page 249)
  • The top three most common signs of toxicity warning you that it’s time to make some changes (pages 54 to 62)
  • The formula for an easy one-ingredient coconut cleanse to safely and naturally remove toxins from your body (on page 302-303)
  • Where to find a simple, inexpensive product to put in your cellphone case and protect you from dangerous radiation (revealed on page 299)
  • How to make your own gut-loving probiotics at home with Suzanne’s special recipes (go to page 287)
  • Recipes for cleaning out your hard-working, sluggish liver (see page 263)
  • Why you should avoid laxatives and antacids at all costs (flip to page 75)
  • 35 reasons why you may want to consider removing the carpets in your home (page 231)
  • And much, much more . . .

Suzanne Doesn’t Take All the Credit
for This Blueprint to Health

Look, Suzanne is a smart woman. Just consider what she’s accomplished in her life. But she doesn’t claim to have all the answers herself.

She knows that overcoming health issues is a collaborative effort. Just like the saying goes, it takes a village . . .

So she’s brought in the top guns in environmental medicine, as you saw earlier.

She also relies on her friend, renowned neuroscientist Russell Blaylock, M.D. You’ll see Dr. Blaylock quoted numerous times in TOX-SICK.

After practicing neurosurgery for decades, Dr. Blaylock was devastated when his own parents contracted Parkinson’s disease. They both died when conventional medicine was unable to help them.

That’s when Dr. Blaylock’s life as a mainstream doctor took a 180-degree turn. He quit focusing on symptoms, and instead, started researching the root causes of major diseases. This is NOT something taught in medical schools, nor researched at pharmaceutical companies.

Today, as a renowned alternative physician, Dr. Blaylock works to provide you with the best advice to prevent and reverse your health problems. To reach as many people as possible, he does this as medical editor of the monthly newsletter The Blaylock Wellness Report, published by Newsmax Health.

So every month, you get the inside scoop on medical issues affecting or threatening you and your family. These include cancer, heart conditions, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, high cholesterol, obesity, joint pain, and many others.

Dr. Blaylock fights back against the overuse of harmful drugs. He accepts no compensation for any supplement recommendations he makes. He remains unbiased and has no conflict of interest. That’s just one reason why his readers call him a medical maverick.

Suzanne Somers not only turns to Dr. Blaylock as a medical expert; they are also friends. So when Suzanne’s new book TOX-SICK came out, Dr. Blaylock received a copy. He knew right away it was a book everyone should read. And he knew he could figure out a way to make it available to his subscribers. But then he wondered about all those who weren’t yet subscribers to The Blaylock Wellness Report.

Fortunately, Dr. Blaylock was able to convince the publishers of his newsletter to approve a Special Offer that reserves a FREE copy of his book for you.

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And when I say it’s risk-free, I mean it . . .

Your Newsmax Double Guarantee

Take a full 30 days to enjoy The Blaylock Wellness Report. Suzanne relies on Dr. Blaylock’s sage advice, so I believe you will, too — just like his 100,000 other readers in 50 states, Canada, and 126 more countries across the globe already do!

However, if you’re not completely satisfied, simply cancel your subscription within 30 days for a full refund. Your copy of TOX-SICK and any newsletter issues you’ve received are yours to keep, no matter what. We’ll part friends, no hard feelings.

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Believe me, if we weren’t so confident about the quality of Dr. Blaylock’s monthly newsletter and the loyalty of his subscribers, we couldn’t afford to make these guarantees.

And remember — Columbia University School of Public Health has validated this fact:

95% of all cancer is caused by diet and the environment . . .

Even the Harvard School of Public Health admits: “Toxic chemicals may be triggering the recent increase in neurodevelopmental disabilities among children — such as autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and dyslexia.”

Young and old alike, toxins plague us all. And Dr. Blaylock understands this issue. That’s why he writes so much about diet — and specializes in helping you find the hidden toxins in food, vaccine products, and the environment.

Oh, I almost forgot . . .

Did I Mention Your 24/7 Access to
Dr. Blaylock’s Online Archive?

Yes, you’ll get the keys to the castle with your subscription to The Blaylock Wellness Report. Enjoy 24/7 access to the entire archive of all past Blaylock Wellness Report issues (130-plus back issues available to you right now).

Look up any health-related subject that concerns you. Read them at your leisure — or print them out to take with you to your next doctor’s visit.

Here are just a few of the newsletter issues you’ll have at your fingertips:

  • Can Sudden Cardiac Death Be Prevented?
  • Breast Cancer: Beating the Odds
  • Dangerous Food Additives That Damage Your Health
  • Extend Your Life: 4 Supplements That Will Help You Live Longer
  • Health Exams That Can Save Your Life
  • How to Protect Yourself From Dangerous Medical Advice
  • Cut Your Risk of a Deadly Stroke
  • Miracle Cure for Brain Diseases
  • Supplements That Stop Cataracts and Prevent Blindness
  • Diabetes Cure: What You Need to Know

When it comes to your health, you face an uphill battle with the thousands of toxins in your food, home, medications, and environment. Without the right guidance, it’s not a fair fight — and you are apt to come out the loser. Don’t take chances when the help you need is not only available, but FREE!

I do have one small warning, however. We have a limited quantity of Suzanne’s books in stock. We can’t make any promises about restocking them when we run out. This will undoubtedly happen quickly given our 2 million Newsmax readers. So don’t lose out on this unique opportunity.

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Yours in health,

Nancy Reynolds
Newsmax Health

P.S.: Every day that goes by exposes you and your loved ones to more toxins. As Suzanne says, “Nobody’s going to save us; we’ve got to save ourselves. It’s up to each of us to control the amount of our individual toxic exposures.” Take action by clicking the big orange button now!

P.P.S.: Here are just a few comments made by people who’ve purchased and read TOX-SICK: