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Meet Dr. Russell Blaylock

Meet Dr. Blaylock Meet Dr. Blaylock

Russell L. Blaylock, M.D., has worn many expert "hats" over the past four decades.

After attending medical school, he completed a general surgical internship and neurosurgical residency. And for over 25 years, Dr. Blaylock worked as a highly regarded neurosurgeon, practicing in major hospitals in the Carolinas.

He co-invented an intricate neurosurgical procedure that's still in use today, and has taught surgical procedures to medical school students.

However, his medical practice took a dramatic turn after both his parents contracted Parkinson's disease, and later died when conventional medicine failed them.

Devastated, Dr. Blaylock turned his attention to medical research, focusing on the underlying causes of diseases — something not taught in medical schools, nor genuinely addressed by pharmaceutical drugs.

He soon discovered that the root causes of many diseases can be found in certain foods, chemicals and food additives, and various toxins and environmental hazards. To address these concerns, he became an expert in the use of nutrition as therapy, particularly for chronic degenerative disorders and the diseases of aging.

Dr. Blaylock has written over 30 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals on a number of subjects. He has contributed to medical textbooks, and is also the author of several best-selling natural health books.

He has lectured to both lay audiences and professional medical audiences on a variety of nutritional subjects, acted as a medical consultant, and served on the editorial staff of several medical journals.

And to help even more people achieve optimal health, he became the medical editor of The Blaylock Wellness Report, the monthly alternative health newsletter with over 120,000 readers in more than 159 countries throughout the world.

Dr. Blaylock edits The Blaylock Wellness Report because he believes too many people are not getting sound advice for preventing and dealing with brain diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and dozens of health issues now plaguing the American people — as well as those worldwide.

Over 10 million people have already watched the video you are about to view, which showcases Dr. Blaylock's proven strategies for protecting your brain from memory loss, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and dementia.

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