Why Do Christians Get Sick?

What the Bible Tells Us . . . 

Have you ever wondered why Christians fall victim to such diseases as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and others?

Why doesn’t our faith protect us from these ailments?

Does God’s plan for our lives include sickness and disease — or is it God’s will that we be healthy, so that we can better glorify Him?

In Jeremiah 29:11, the Lord declares:

“For I know the plans I have for you . . . plans for welfare and
not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

From this Scripture, we know that God wants us to be well . . . that God loves us and has a wonderful plan for our lives.

So this prompts the question: Is sickness just the failure to live as God intended?

And if so, can we prevent sickness and disease — even completely restore our health — by better conforming our lives to His will?

Rev. George Malkmus had these questions in mind after he was diagnosed with colon cancer at age 42. He was unwilling to accept cancer as “God’s will.” So Rev. Malkmus began an exhaustive search to determine what the Bible (and modern science) teaches us about these important issues.

And in his well-received book Why Christians Get Sick, Rev. Malkmus details how he not only overcame cancer, but also achieved vibrant, glowing good health. He did this by making a new commitment to follow the natural laws God gave man thousands of years ago.

Rev. Malkmus has a positive message for you, no matter how you feel right now:

It’s possible to escape pain and suffering, loss of your physical and mental faculties, and outlandish medical bills. Instead, you can be energetic, happy, and productive until God calls you home.

His book Why Christians Get Sick book shows you exactly how to restore your health using Biblical teachings.

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Sickness Is Not Natural

You will discover why it’s high time Christians stop blaming the Lord for sickness by saying it must be God’s will . . .

Rev. Malkmus believes that only a small minority of sickness is due to unconfessed sin or “for the glory of God”. He reports that over 90% of all Christian sickness and suffering comes from violating the natural laws of God.

In Why Christians Get Sick, you will discover God’s 7 natural laws of health. Just follow these simple laws and you will experience a healthy, happy, spiritual life.

You will discover:

  • The specific foods God intended man to eat . . .
  • How drugs cover up God’s natural warning signals — and why you cannot be drugged into health . . .
  • Why many of our physical problems stem from following our modern methods of preparing and eating our food . . .
  • How God created man to be physically active, and why your body’s lymph system demands exercise for health . . .
  • Why you should have your own garden . . .
  • What about coffee and tea? Are they OK for your body — or poisons?
  • The negative impact of soap operas, today’s music, and even newscasts on your mental health . . .
  • 12 things you can do as a Christian to help take us all back to a healthy, God-given way of life . . .
  • And much, much more . . .

You’ll find this book loaded cover-to-cover with everything you need to live a healthy life according to Biblical teachings and the plan God intended for you.

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In the book of Hosea 4:6, God says:

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

You and I live in what’s called the “Information Age.”

But information and knowledge are not the same thing.

Information is a collection of data, facts, and figures. Knowledge, however, is wisdom and understanding.

Today, we are drowning in a sea of information. And the sheer volume of this information distracts us from the timeless wisdom in God’s Eternal Word.

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Of course, the first item in this Collection is Rev. Malkmus’ book Why Christians Get Sick. In this book, you will find an overview of God’s plan for your perfect health.

God gave us perfect foods. Man foolishly altered them — and in the process, degraded or eliminated the nutrients God intended us to have.

We are unwittingly deviating from God’s plan by eating man-made GMO foods, instead of the healthy natural foods He provided for us.

Dr. Blaylock is ready to help. He has written a practical guide booklet to use when grocery shopping.

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  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Dairy products
  • Meats, fish, and chicken

And you’ll learn to identify disease-causing GMOs, sugars, fats, and chemicals from the labels of all packaged foods, as well as from the coded stickers on fruits and vegetables.

Fortunately, God’s natural foods are still readily available. But they are getting harder to identify because of the deceptive labeling.

But in just 23 pages, Dr. Blaylock sorts all this out for you, making it easy to avoid harmful foods and bring your diet back into accordance with God’s plan.

The Bible did not have to tell us to eat only organically grown food. All of the foods spoken of in the Bible were organic, completely natural, and free of added sugars, fats, and toxic chemicals.

The Bible also did not have to tell us to avoid genetically modified foods. That’s because genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, did not exist. Man invented GMOs in a laboratory in 1973, and brought GMO foods to market in 1994.

Consider this:

Adam and Eve Never Ate
a Bag of GMO Corn Chips

Moses never had a cheeseburger with fatty fries and a sugar-laden milkshake.

Jesus and His Apostles never ate fruit sprayed with pesticides, or fish from polluted waters. Instead, they caught their dinner fresh from the Sea of Galilee.

The fact is, modern foods are very different from Bible foods.

According to Dr. Blaylock, man invented GMO seeds in the pursuit of greater profits. They produce plants that can tolerate high levels of herbicides and pesticides, which results in larger, more profitable crop yields.

But that’s not all . . .

GMO seeds can be patented, giving the GMO seed-makers a monopoly. And the biggest GMO seed-maker also makes and sells the toxic herbicides sprayed abundantly on GMO crops.

Since 1994, GMO crops have increased every year. Today, 73% to 95% of America’s biggest food crops — corn, soy, sugar beets — come from genetically modified seeds, and more GMO foods are coming each year.

The problem, according to Dr. Blaylock, is that GMO foods contain high residues of cancer-causing chemicals. And studies show even the GMO foods free of these chemicals can produce disease and premature death.

And according to Dr. Blaylock, that’s not all that purveyors of GMO foods have done.

In processing food, manufacturers have added inflammatory sugars, fats, and chemicals, all the while hiding these harmful ingredients with deceptive labeling.

The result, as Dr. Blaylock regularly reports in his newsletter The Blaylock Wellness Report, is that we have reaped allergies, arthritis, diabetes, digestive disorders, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and many types of cancer.

Consider just one disease — cancer.

Did you know . . .

Death Rates for Cancer Remain Essentially
Unchanged Over the Last 50 Years

According to Dr. Blaylock, we are not winning the war on cancer.

But we can win it, if we stop eating genetically modified foods, along with refined sugars, bad fats, and toxic chemicals.

In other words, we can prevent sickness and disease by bringing our diets back into accordance with God’s plan. By simply eating what God intended for us to eat.

Thousands of supermarket foods have been genetically modified, sprayed with poisons, and stripped of their natural nutrients. Then they’ve been loaded with refined sugars, bad fats, and chemicals.

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3. Eat for a Great Life

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The Blaylock Wellness Report is now in over 120,000 homes, both here and abroad, and it’s especially popular with Christians.

As a Christian, you know when you adhere to God’s law, goodness follows. We read in Psalms 23:6 . . .

“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life;
and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”

This is the guiding principle in Dr. Blaylock’s work. He works to glorify God in his health practice and in every bit of advice he gives to his readers of The Blaylock Wellness Report.

According to Dr. Blaylock, the food manufacturers have created highly addictive foods. They did this by adding man-made refined sugars and chemicals such as MSG, hidden in the labeling.

You buy a processed food product and you like how it tastes. You eat too much of it. And then over time you get sick. This is what happens to Christians who deviate from God’s natural foods.

Everyday foods — such as cereal, yogurt, fruit juices, canned soups and sauces, snacks, microwave products, and thousands more — contain high amounts of refined sugars, sugar substitutes, bad fats, and chemicals.

According to Dr. Blaylock, all these ingredients boost body inflammation.

And increased body inflammation drives all the degenerative diseases. These include arthritis, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, inflamed bowel, Alzheimer’s, and cancer.

You’ll see why in your FREE special report: Inflammation: The Real Cause of Most Diseases.

For example, take cancer. Cancer cells emerge in an environment of inflammation, and they can only survive on one fuel — sugar!

Cancer was rare in 19th century America. Today, rates are epidemic. And conventional medicine has no cure for it, even as this scourge spreads.

Dr. Blaylock tells us why . . .

Consider that, in 1820, the average American ate four pounds of sugar per year. That was primarily from honey, a God-given food.

But today, the average American consumes nearly 150 pounds of sugar per year. And this comes mostly from man-made refined sugars added to thousands of supermarket foods.

Dr. Blaylock knows that Christians get sick because they no longer eat God’s natural foods, but, instead, harmful man-made foods.

You’ll get full details in your FREE special reports:

Dangerous Food Additives That Damage Your Health
Inflammation: The Real Cause of Most Diseases

You’ll see that it really does matter what you put into your body. And we know this from the Bible. For in Corinthians 6:19-20, we read . . .

“Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you,
whom you have from God? . . . So glorify God in your body.”

To glorify God in your body, you need to be healthy, and God gave you organic natural foods so that you would be healthy.

But man changed these natural foods — for addiction, for gluttony, for greed, and for self-glorification.

Is it any wonder we have so much sickness and disease today? The growers and sellers of man-made foods have defied God’s will. And, unknowingly, you eat the fruit of their lies.

But you needn’t be deceived any longer . . .

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Eat for a Great Life

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It’s not even a matter of making extreme changes to your diet. Certainly there’s no strict diet to follow. But rather, you just choose God’s nutritious foods over the harmful man-made versions of the same foods.

That’s right . . . the difference between eating foods that create good health and those that create disease is simple. Merely choose God’s foods over man-made foods.

And that’s exactly what you’ll do, once you have Dr. Blaylock’s Guide to Avoiding GMO Foods and his three special reports.

In this guide, you’ll find out how those little stickers on produce can help you make smart and delicious choices. You’ll also discover how to find healthy alternatives.

Fortunately, you can prevent sickness and disease. And you can also reverse disease and regain your health by eating God’s natural foods. In so doing, you will, as it says in Corinthians, “glorify God in your body.”

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While the body can take a tremendous amount of abuse, it does have a limit. At some point, these abuses will manifest themselves in sickness and ill health. Today, you have a choice.

ACT NOW, to give yourself and your family what God intended — good health! Thank you, and God bless you.

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