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4 Fish That Should
Never Be Eaten
Doctor Exposes the Most Contaminated Seafood
  • Is Your Shrimp Still Safe to Eat?
  • Why Tuna May Be Hazardous to Your Health.
  • The One Trick Restaurants Play With Your Salmon.

Discover the Facts of Eating Seafood ALERT: Renowned medical expert warns that the fish (and some of the seafood) you're eating may contain high levels of a number of less-than-healthy compounds.

Discover the Facts of Eating Seafood

According to Newsmax medical editor Dr. Russell Blaylock, extremely dangerous contaminants such as mercury (one of the most poisonous metals in existence), PCBs, dioxins, pesticides, and herbicides are being found in high concentrations in some of the most popular fish eaten today.

In Dr. Blaylock's urgent special report — "Eating Fish: What You Need to Know" — he discusses the dilemma:

Should you eat seafood for the health benefits of the omega-3 oils, or should you avoid it because of the health-destroying effects of mercury and other contaminants?

Your Government Wants
You to Say "Yes" to Seafood

Even Dr. Blaylock agrees on the importance of omega-3 oils, the healthy oil found in seafood. He'll tell you that omega-3 has been associated with dramatic reductions in heart-related deaths, strokes, cancer, and arthritis pain.

Yet, is it really safe to eat more fish — and if so, which fish are safe?

According to Dr. Blaylock, you can't count on government agencies like the FDA and the EPA to protect you. He says they don't share their concerns over contaminants with us — the general public — through the media or through public alerts.

Why? Because they tread a very thin line trying to protect the public, while at the same time not wanting to destroy the seafood industry. After all, commercial fishing is our nation's oldest industry and also the world's last remaining industry for a truly wild food resource.

Unfortunately, independent studies have shown that methylmercury (the type of mercury found in seafood) is highly toxic to many of your organs and tissues — and especially to the developing brain of fetuses and newborns.

And mercury tends to accumulate in fatty parts of the body (your brain is about 60% fat) and remain for decades. Mercury triggers chronic brain inflammation and plays havoc with your immune system.

Some Researchers Claim the
Fish Concerns Are Overblown

In "Eating Fish: What You Need to Know," Dr. Blaylock will describe some of the studies — both pro and con — involved in this debate. And he'll clue you in to how some of the researchers come to the results they publish.

Eating Fish: What You Need to KnowPlus, you'll find practical and little-known information about eating seafood that you can use to make informed decisions regarding the health of your family.

Eating Fish: What You Need to Know

Things like:

  • 4 fish that should NEVER be eaten (Most seafood restaurants and supermarkets sell at least one of these) . . .
  • The real reason why the government warns women who are pregnant or likely to become pregnant not to eat fish high in mercury . . .
  • WARNING: Why good old tuna can be hazardous to your health (And particularly the health of your children) . . .
  • 6 types of seafood that are naturally lower in mercury . . .
  • A sneaky toxin-busting cooking tip (Adding this tasty ingredient to your
    seafood will reduce levels of mercury in your body) . . .
  • Where you can go for up-to-date information on safe and unsafe fish . . .
  • Why mercury isn't the only fish contaminant you should be worried about
    (These 5 toxins and carcinogens were discovered recently in a study
    of fish from San Francisco Bay) . . .
  • Love shrimp? A large percentage of this tasty crustacean consumed in the
    United States comes from China (you may want to find out if those shrimp
    you're eating came from China's industrially polluted waters) . . .
  • Why you must be even more cautious about mercury-contaminated seafood
    if you have diabetes — or disease of the heart, kidney, or nervous system . . .
  • Seafood isn't the only source of mercury contamination for the average person
    (you might want to consider these 4 other sources) . . .
  • 3 easy-to-get nutrients that can help protect you against mercury's
    damaging effects . . .
  • And much, much more . . .

That's just a small sampling of all the potentially health-saving information you'll receive in this urgent special report.

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