Top Medical Doctor Reveals How to Beat Cancer

Dr. Russell Blaylock, M.D.


Top Medical Doctor Reveals: How to Beat Cancer

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FREE Book by Russell Blaylock, M.D.: Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients ($15.00 value)

Natural Strategies Book
  • Discover secrets to make conventional cancer therapy more effective and less harmful with specific nutritional support . . .
  • See how to take advantage of reduced chemo dosage with greater cancer-killing effectiveness, reduced side effects, and less chance of metastasis . . .
  • Find everyday foods with uncommon cancer-fighting properties . . .
  • Little-known nutrients that promote cancer cell death and repair damaged stem cells . . .
  • Deprive a cancer cell of this one thing and it starves to death . . .

FREE Special Report #1: The Real Cause of Deadly Cancers ($9.95 value)

The Real Cause of Deadly Cancers
  • The hidden role of inflammation in virtually all cancers . . .
  • How a common food additive — one to definitely avoid — stimulates tumor growth . . .
  • Two nutrients that can actually kill cancer stem cells . . .
  • The little-known relationship between sugar and the epidemic growth of cancer . . .
  • Cancer-promoting oils you should steer well clear of . . .

FREE Special Report #2: Nutrition and Medicine Can Beat Cancer ($9.95 value)

Nutrition and Medicine Can Beat Cancer
  • How mammograms actually increase the risk of developing breast cancer . . .
  • Seven pro-cancer “fuels” to cut from your diet . . .
  • How milk consumption may be linked to prostate cancer and heart attacks . . .
  • What you must avoid to maintain a healthy, cancer-free colon . . .
  • Best nutrients to prevent breast, prostate, and colon cancer . . .

FREE Special Report #3: Diabetes Cure: What You Need to Know ($9.95 value)

Diabetes Cure: What You Need to Know
  • The special form of vitamin B that fights Type 2 diabetes . . .
  • Why even skinny people may have dangerous, diabetes-inducing body fat . . .
  • Crucial nutritional supplements for diabetics and pre-diabetics . . .
  • How exercise and good sleep help fight diabetes . . .
  • The “death drink” fueling our current epidemic of diabetes . . .

FREE Special Report #4: Hardened Arteries Are Not Caused by Cholesterol ($9.95 value)

Hardened Arteries Are Not Caused by Cholesterol
  • Six supplements that prevent or reverse hardening of the arteries . . .
  • The crucial difference between stable and unstable plaque . . .
  • The little-known link between aging and atherosclerosis . . .
  • How to avoid deadly glutamate threats to your heart, brain, and overall health . . .
  • Why older people need more antioxidants . . .

FREE Special Report #5: Protect Your Brain From the Devastating Effects of Aging ($9.95 value)

Protect Your Brain From the Devastating Effects of Aging
  • A miracle herb that protects the brain and blood vessels . . .
  • Five common signs of frailty heralding mental and physical debilitation . . .
  • Why the French thrive on high-fat diets — and you can, too . . .
  • Avoidable triggers of chronic brain inflammation . . .
  • How nitric oxide can be both good and bad for your heart health . . .

FREE Special Report #6: The Immune System: Your Personal Bodyguard ($9.95 value)

The Immune System: Your Personal Bodyguard
  • The little-known link between the immune system and Alzheimer’s . . .
  • How stress hormone excesses can cause cancer, depression, and other diseases . . .
  • Preventing immune system imbalance caused by the aging process . . .
  • How your dental health can affect your brain and even promote dementia . . .
  • The single vitamin deficiency causing millions to suffer unnecessarily from heart disease . . .

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  • Get the inside scoop on medical issues threatening you and your family, such as cancer, heart conditions, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, and many others . . .
  • Find straightforward recommendations for diet and nutritional supplements that really work (and the real truth about drugs that don’t) . . .
  • See simple strategies to rejuvenate and take charge of your life — naturally . . .
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