When Someone You
Love Has Cancer

Perhaps it’s your good friend, or your aunt, or your sister.

Perhaps it’s the man or woman you married — for better or for worse.

Regardless, someone’s life has now shifted forever. This person you’re so fond of heard those three words “you have cancer.”

When cancer strikes, life changes in the blink of an eye.

Priorities change when mortality whispers in your ear. Deciding what’s for dessert — or whether to hit the yard sales next weekend? No longer important . . .

Everything else takes a back seat when your focus shifts to basic issues of coping and surviving.

Your dear one may feel scared or angry or helpless. And you may feel the same.

Of course, you want desperately to help.

You may run errands, and take her to medical appointments. You can listen while she talks or vents or cries.

You can assure him of your love and support. “I’m there for you” might be one of the most important phrases you ever utter.

At times, the person with cancer may reject your help. He might shut down emotionally and refuse to discuss the disease. You cannot take it personally, no matter how powerless you feel. His world has just exploded.

At some point, however, your loved one will have questions that need answers.

Will You Be Ready to Lend Support?

A cancer diagnosis demands immediate action. It doesn’t care if you are prepared or not.

In fact, the cancer sufferer will be bombarded with decisions that must be made — even before the gut-punch of shock wears off.

These urgent decisions will impact:

  • How the cancer will be typed, staged, and treated
  • The quality of life your friend or loved one will experience after treatment
  • Even whether he or she will be one of the fortunate ones who survive

And the decisions, the options, the different choices to wade through and act on — or not . . .

Well, they don’t end following diagnosis. They continue relentlessly throughout the course of care and beyond. So much to worry about, so easy to feel overwhelmed . . .

It’s not your fault — no one ever said you had to prepare.

After seeing many friends develop cancer over the last decade, award-winning medical writer Charlotte Libov also felt powerless and unprepared.

She saw firsthand the emotional toll cancer takes on its victims — and on the people who love them.

As a patient advocate, Libov has been on a mission to help those with critical health issues for decades. After her own open heart surgery 20 years ago, she wrote the ground-breaking Women’s Heart Book to help other women cope with heart disease.

And over her years of researching and writing about medical problems, she has seen the writing on the wall . . .

Cancer Is Quickly Overtaking Heart Disease
as the No. 1 Cause of Death in the US

In fact, a recent study reported in the British Journal of Cancer shocked the public when it predicted that 50% of all adults will be diagnosed with cancer.

Last year, over 1½ million people in the U.S. received this dreadful diagnosis. And over half a million Americans died from cancer during the year.

Because of these disturbing developments, Libov channeled all those powerless feelings into action by writing her new book CANCER Survival Guide.

She doesn’t want to see anyone suffer through the cancer experience alone or unprepared — ever again.

CANCER Survival Guide gives you the information, the tools, the power . . .

Everything you need to help your loved one or friend not only in the early days following diagnosis, but all the way through the course of treatment — and beyond.

The information in this book could mean the difference between beating this nasty disease . . . or not. That’s why Newsmax Health has reserved a copy of CANCER Survival Guide for you — while that magic window of opportunity to help your friend or loved one remains open.

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Although this 368-page softcover book retails for $19.95, Newsmax has made special arrangements to ship it out to you right away at no charge with your new or renewal subscription to The Blaylock Wellness Report.

Your copy of CANCER Survival Guide will empower you to become a better support system for your ill friend, a steadier shoulder to lean on. You’ll be much more equipped to help your loved one answer critical questions such as these:

  • Who is the best doctor to treat their particular type of cancer?
  • Where should they go to get the best treatment that offers the highest chance for survival — a local oncologist or a large cancer center?
  • What treatment regimen is best for their type of cancer?
  • What type of side effects can they expect?
  • Should your loved one get a second (or even a third) opinion?
  • How will the cancer diagnosis affect the entire family?

In short, this incredible resource will provide you and your loved one with a powerful informed plan to go from cancer patient to cancer survivor.

A Step-by-Step Power Plan to Beat Cancer

It’s a jungle out there. Cancer is not just one disease. There are more than 100 different types of cancer, each requiring its own specialized treatment regimen.

So in CANCER Survival Guide, you will receive a basic foundation for understanding cancer, no matter which type you, your friend, or your loved one happen to be dealing with.

You will learn the common features shared by most cancers, and hear about the latest methods of treating cancer. These include traditional surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy — plus state-of-the-art targeted treatments.

You will also discover the latest on complementary and alternative treatments and the crucial questions you must ask your doctor.

In the second part of this book, you will find vital information on 13 types of cancer. This includes the “big four” that are most common: breast, lung, prostate, and colon.

CANCER Survival Guide also contains facts about other types that are not as common but are most deadly — brain cancer, ovarian cancer, and melanoma.

Plus, you’ll find information about bladder cancer, leukemia, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, soft tissue sarcoma, testicular cancer, and uterine cancer.

There’s also a comprehensive resource list dealing with all aspects of cancer. You’ll see where to find support groups and mentoring, survivor organizations, cancer treatment centers, research trials, help with alternative and integrative therapies, and much more.

Also critical to your loved one’s well-being, you will discover how to cope with the psychological and emotional effects of cancer. Covered topics include dealing with family and friends, and the role of faith in recovery.

And of vital importance to any cancer survivor, you will find . . .

Practical Tips to Help Your Special
Someone Remain Cancer-Free for Life

You will hear from many cancer survivors in this book — and see how they beat their cancer and have gone on to survive and thrive.

About the CANCER Survival Guide

“The CANCER Survival Guide provides an informed perspective that will enlighten people at risk for cancer, patients already suffering from the disease, and their loved ones as well. By translating the latest scientific information into accessible language and practical advice, this important book will be the go-to guide for anyone navigating the threat of cancer and its consequences.”

— Gary W. Small, MD

And the news is encouraging. If you are diagnosed with cancer today, you are more likely to be cured than at any other time in history.

In fact, with targeted therapies, new breakthroughs, and the right information, 13.7 million people in the United States are beating cancer right now.

CANCER Survival Guide will do its level best to help you and your loved one join that group.

When you receive your FREE copy, you will discover:

  • When to consider personal genetic testing after a cancer diagnosis . . . (Page 9)
  • The statistics and prognosis for each particular type of cancer according to the stage of the disease . . .
  • What you must know about tests used to diagnose your loved one’s specific type of cancer . . . (Pages 18-27)
  • Why it’s absolutely essential for the cancer patient to create a personal healthcare record (you’ll find a complete template to get you started) . . . (Page 16)
  • Questions every cancer patient should ask the doctor after diagnosis and during treatment (because docs hardly ever offer this information on their own) . . . (Pages 26, 30, 57)
  • How best to deal with the rotten side effects of cancer treatment . . . (Pages 31-33)
  • What noted integrative physicians recommend when combining mainstream and alternative treatments for a comprehensive approach . . . (Pages 42-49, 234-242)
  • What a cancer survivorship plan is (and why anyone with cancer needs one after completing cancer treatment) . . . (Pages 206-207)
  • How to access clinical research studies and learn about experimental treatments that could save your loved one’s life (find the little-known resource that helps locate the best clinical trial for a particular cancer type) . . . (Pages 38-40)
  • Best ways to deal mentally and emotionally with a cancer diagnosis . . . (Pages 196-203)
  • New targeted cancer therapies replacing conventional treatments (see when and how they can effectively be used) . . . (Page 34)
  • Future medical problems cancer sufferers may develop according to the specific type of cancer and treatment they have — and how to avoid them . . . (Page 210)
  • What a “patient resource navigator” is (see how to find one — and how having one can help your loved one deal with the day-to-day issues all cancer patients face) . . . (Page 56)
  • How to deal with the fear of cancer recurrence . . . (Page 215)
  • The key steps to take after treatment to increase the odds of living cancer-free indefinitely . . . (Pages 219-224)
  • For those who don’t have cancer now, see what you must do to prevent it . . . (Page 218)
  • And much, much more . . .

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Now it’s decision time. And as you can imagine, this is a very popular offer. Please claim the complimentary copy of CANCER Survival Guide we have reserved for you immediately, while we still have books left in our warehouse.

The sad truth is this: If you are an adult, you have a 1-in-2 chance of developing cancer during your lifetime. Cancer strikes your friends and loved ones. It strikes the Hollywood elite. And unfortunately, it could also find its way to you.

Don’t let cancer catch you unprepared and powerless.

You need the step-by-step plan to beating cancer this book offers you right now — so what are you waiting for?

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