The REAL Reason You’re Sick

 . . . and What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You

Blockbuster new tell-all reveals the secrets of a medical insider you won’t see anywhere else.

Ever wonder WHY you suffer with health issues the doctors can’t seem to get to the bottom of . . .

Why DO you have high blood pressure, diabetes, constipation, heart disease, migraine or any condition that’s taking its toll on your health and well-being?

It’s downright frustrating. Afterall, we live in a country that has some of the best health care in the world — or do we?

Now one popular award-winning doctor — an expert in medical health and safety — is speaking out against the establishment. He’s warning millions of men and women saying . . .

Don’t be fooled!

Dr. David Sherer’s EXPLOSIVE NEW BOOK, What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You: The Real Reasons You Don’t Feel Good and What You Can Do About It dares to rip the veil of secrecy off the medical world’s deepest, darkest secrets.

This is the “must-read health book of the year” for any man or women who wants to finally heal their body and safeguard their health from clear and present risks and dangers posed by the medical world right now.

Meet David Sherer, M.D.

David Sherer, MD is an American physician, author, and inventor. He is a member of Leading Physicians of the World, and a multi-time winner of HealthTap’s leading anesthesiologists award. He is a recognized expert in health and medicine safety.

Dr. Sherer also authored The Hospital Survival Guide and is a medical and health video commentator for Bottom Line Inc.'s WHAT YOUR DOCTOR ISN'T TELLING YOU columns and podcasts.

WHY you’re not healing
and WHAT’S making you sick.

Everyone seems to be missing it. No one is talking about it in the media or sounding the warning bells yet but . . .

Dr. Sherer sees the writing on the wall. He’s going out on a limb to expose the truth because he believes in the sanctity of good health and proper health care.

America is speeding toward a massive and deadly health crisis — and it’s not COVID.

This tell-all book, which Newsmax is giving you for FREE, takes you inside the sacred circles of the medical world and into the hallowed halls of doctors’ offices and hospitals.

You’ll discover the most shocking revelations of our times about breakthroughs in pain and healing, doctors and hospitals, medications, patient care, complications, and so much more.

Plus you’ll discover “the mother of all maladies” behind so many other conditions making millions of Americans sick — yet it’s completely fixable.

Inside your FREE COPY of What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You you’ll discover . . .

  • Shocking medical mistakes being made Medicare is now refusing to pay for — and what it means to you.
  • Why not getting pain relief after surgery can increase your risk of these two serious conditions. Page 58
  • Never mark an “X” on the area you’re getting operated on. It’s the worst thing you can do. Dr Sherer shares his secrets for what to do instead.
  • Taking supplements? You must read this warning about a popular supplement that can increase the risk of excessive bleeding.
  • What’s really behind the 800,000 deaths a year due to medical errors and intervention (that’s more fatalities than heart disease and cancer combined!) Dr. Sherer reveals how you can help prevent those errors.
  • The REAL reason we’ve become a medication nation — it’s mind-blowing and yet it’s happening every day.

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Dr. Sherer has written this explosive and eye-opening book not only to share What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You but to sound the warning about . . .

The silent “triple scourge” overtaking millions of Americans.

An entire population of Americans are making themselves sick through the scourge of obesity, an overload of pills and dangerous medical interventions.

At the same time, doctors everywhere are having their own crises.

They have 12 measly minutes to listen to patient symptoms, go over medications, give an exam, pinpoint a diagnosis, and come up with a treatment plan . . . all before rushing off to see the next patient.

Doctors and health care providers see the writing on the wall. They know what’s coming but they’re not talking about it . . . and they’re not prepared.

Dr. Sherer is the only doctor in America bold enough to reveal what’s really happening and how the massive “triple scourge” could impact you, your health and the quality of care you get.

Fear not — now there’s hope!

Because he knows health care inside and out, Dr. Sherer’s practical and provocative insights can help turn around your health and save your life . . . before it’s too late.

Inside your FREE BOOK, What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You you’ll discover:

  • 3 shocking things making you sicker — you’ll never guess what they are so see page 5 of your FREE BOOK!
  • Why sitting too long can kill you — it’s about as risky as obesity and smoking. Page 4
  • Todays “no time to diagnose” crisis . . . why doctors are so quick to reach for the prescription pad. Page 18
  • The alarming rise of one type of cancer in Gen Xers and Millennials — and the shocking reason it’s occurring (but doesn’t have to be!) Page 6
  • Surefire way to take off extra weight and lower your blood sugar no one ever tells you about. Page 14
  • Which artificial sweetener raises your blood sugar the most and the hidden truth about honey! Page 12
  • 3 pillars of better health that can save your life! Page 15

What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You takes a deep dive into our medication nation . . . and reveals the secret doctors use to know what health problems you face without ever talking to you.


  • One simple thing that could prevent 6 million hospitalizations, 4 million trips to the ER and 78 million trips to the doctor! Page 20
  • Think cholesterol is the only culprit for heart disease? Wrong. Doctors say this one factor is just as critical as cholesterol. Page 26
  • Devious plan by the medical establishment and big pharma to make you THINK your blood pressure is a problem . . . when it may not be at all. Page 25
  • The honest-to-God’s truth about why we take so many medications — and how you could get off them. Page 20
  • Why autoimmune diseases have exploded — it boils down to one common denominator. Page 22
  • 6 best supplements for your heart — including a common vinegar in your kitchen cupboard! Page 26

Plus, you’ll discover how to avoid the perils of painkiller addiction direct from a doctor on the inside who knows . . . and still get amazing pain relief.

Armed with the lifesaving insight inside your FREE COPY of What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You . . . you could completely avoid addictive opioids. Claim your FREE BOOK now.

For instance, there’s a new way to get the pain relief without the fear of dependency.

Simply ask for this new injectable pain reliever that works as well as narcotics but is not addictive. Dr. Sherer calls it a gamechanger!

  • Got fibromyalgia? Turn to page 75 of your FREE BOOK to discover the most promising testing and treatment to come along in years developed in conjunction with a Harvard doctor!
  • Sickle Cell sufferer? One doctor’s novel gene therapy may be the cure millions have been seeking. Read the incredible life-changing story on page 92. This holds so much promise it could end up being the cure for other diseases.
  • Migraine? Try this heart supplement to clear the pain! Page 32
  • Simple trick for decoding sneaky color-coded sugar packets — see which one Dr. Sherer uses! Page 11
  • Help give inflammation in the body the boot and fast with . . . chocolate! Page 28
  • Popular heart meds may contribute to diabetes, liver damage, memory loss and confusion! Page 29
  • Doctor Sherer’s list of top 10 supplements you should be taking. Page 32
  • Maintain healthy blood sugar and healthy cholesterol with a hair and nail supplement. Who knew? See page 32.
  • Need to lower your blood pressure? Try the tasty red root vegetable on page 33.
  • Colonoscopy coming up? Dr. Sherer shares his tips on how to decide between a hospital or an outpatient surgery center for a procedure. You need to know this important score so be sure to ask! Page 56

The Real Reason You’re Sick And Suffering

Dr. Sherer calls obesity “the mother of all maladies” and it has millions of Americans in its grip. Like a host, other diseases feed off it which can make sickness explode in your body.

Next thing you know, hypertension, diabetes, degenerative joint disease, gastrointestinal disease, heart disease, high cholesterol and many other conditions and diseases riddle your body.

This is why you experience infirmity, pain, and untold suffering.

In one of the biggest breakthroughs in history, medical science has discovered the root cause of obesity.

Our brains are being rewired by foods we’re eating every day.

These foods are programming you to eat more often.

It’s like having a gas gauge pointing to empty all the time even when the tank is full. This means you’re hungry all the time and eat all the time.

The effects on your health are far-reaching. Your doctor won’t tell you about it because he or she is overworked, overtired and overstressed.

But Dr. Sherer dares to step up and speak out, exposing this monstrosity in the name of good health — and delivers powerful advice for beating this malady.

Which popular foods are programming your brain to eat more?

That’s not all. You’ll go inside the sacred circles of the medical world and discover the jaw-dropping truth about . . .

The coming crisis that could leave you without access to your doctors, nurses and meds . . .

There’s going to be mass shortages of what you’ll need most to feel better: doctors, nurses and medical professionals.

Hospital beds and medications will be in short supply and the prices will skyrocket. Discover which popular meds are already up 50-fold and 5,000%!

Inside What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You, Dr. Sherer will reveal the shocking facts about these shortages and give you 6 ways to stay safe and protected.

Claim your FREE BOOK now — it’s like having your own little black book of doctors’ secrets, including . . .

  • Thinking of suing your doctor? Save your money. You probably won’t win if the doctor meets these 4 criteria. Page 112
  • How you can accidentally bias your doctor which could lead to an incorrect diagnosis. Page 39
  • Next time you need an IV you can stop the poking, prodding and pain to find a vein. Share this simple secret with the nurse. Page 118
  • Parent nearing end of life? Avoid common family conflicts with Dr. Sherer’s sage advice on page 102.
  • Doctor spills the beans on how to spot the inexperienced medical professionals on duty when you’re in the hospital. Page 44-48
  • 5 supplements you may need to quit taking before surgery — ask your doctor! Page 58

What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You isn’t a book about what to eat or about tasty recipes — and it’s not a book of health plans, diet or exercise.

This book

  • Blows the cover off the root cause of disease in America
  • Reveals how medical intervention is fueling poor health outcomes
  • Shares what you must do now to avoid becoming a victim of the coming health crisis.
  • Uncovers the root cause of most conditions and illnesses in America today — and the most effective ways to combat it.

This book reveals what your doctor won’t tell you . . . or doesn’t have time to tell you.

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With Dr. Sherer’s book in hand you’ll be compelled to change what you’re doing and how you’re doing it . . . or suffer the whims of a broken system.

“This book will save your life!” — NEWSMAX

You’ll discover how to avoid becoming one of the 195,000 victims of medical errors each year who die in the hospital . . . 13 ways to make the most of your doctor visits . . . why you must warn the anesthesiologist if you have a loose tooth . . . 4 steps you must take before surgery to protect yourself or your loved one . . . the truth about vaping and about medical marijuana . . . and much more.

Look what else is inside this giant 272-page volume of Dr. Sherer’s explosive secrets . . .

  • One clever trick doctors use to know what your health issues are without ever talking to you. Page 17
  • Little-known trick for pain-free IV placement — so simple yet so many medical workers don’t know about it. Page 118
  • Decode the secret language of doctors — finally you can easily understand what they’re saying! Page 153
  • Mini medical primer helps you better understand your body starting from your brain and working through your heart, lungs and other areas of the body. Page 167
  • The one thing more effective for depression and anxiety than medication! Page 199
  • Best & Worst trends in health care — including this shocker: doctors don’t know as much as you think they know. Page 202
  • Biggest risk factors for COVID-19 — only 12% of the population in the U.S. is without these 4 risk factors. Page 204
  • The ER emergency: overcrowded and getting worse. Why? Page 207

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  • Experiencing eye troubles? Colitis? Pulmonary edema? Take a close look at the popular cholesterol meds you may be taking.
  • Lower blood pressure with garlic! Studies show it improves blood flow through the arteries, throwing atherosclerosis in reverse. BUT . . . you must take this kind of garlic to reap the health benefits.

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  • Clear an infection without antibiotics — they’re not the only answer.
  • Vaccines prevent sickness. WRONG! If you have a chronic illness read this before you get another flu vaccine.
  • Cancer can’t be cured. NOT SO FAST! A patient with pancreatic cancer was told by a leading medical institution she had one year to live. Twenty-six years later she’s still alive. See how she beat the unbeatable.

America’s shocking heart health coverup: why the medical community can’t admit their wrong about heart disease.

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  • Plagued by frequent infections? Boost this wonder vitamin.

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  • 3-Step Plan to Keep Your Vision Strong
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  • Hardened Arteries Are NOT Caused by Cholesterol
  • And dozens more, covering hundreds of health topics

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