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In my Cracking the GMO Code package, I will receive:

Free Gift #1: Dr. Blaylock's Guide to Avoiding GMO Foods
(A $15 value — FREE!)
Guide to Avoiding GMO Foods
  • Discover what you must know about the hidden dangers of GMOs . . .
  • See 5 top ways to avoid GMO foods . . .
  • Uncover which types of food labeling are deceptive and misleading when it comes to GMOs and organic foods . . .
  • Get 4 steps to GMO-proof your shopping list . . .
  • See how to dine out without getting unwanted GMOs . . .
Free Gift #2: Dr. Blaylock's DVD Presentation: Cracking the GMO Code
(A $19.95 value — FREE!)
Cracking the GMO Code
  • Why and when genetically modified foods came into use . . .
  • How genetically altered plants can cost you more at the grocery store — and put your health at risk in numerous ways . . .
  • The relationship between GMOs and tumors . . .
  • Soy milk, tofu, and other soy products — they’re not nearly as safe as you’ve been led to believe . . .
  • How over-the-counter painkillers may increase the health risks of GMOs . . .
Free Gift #3: Food Additives: What You Eat Can Kill You —
Food Additives: What You Eat Can Kill You Special Report from Dr. Blaylock
(A $15 value — FREE!)
  • How eating foods that elevate a common brain transmitter could be responsible for a host of diseases . . .
  • Why people who develop “Chinese restaurant syndrome” from eating MSG may actually be the lucky ones . . .
  • The common food additive that lurks in your food and hides behind innocent-sounding names . . .
  • The little-known health hazards of excitotoxicity . . .
Free Gift #4: Secrets to Paying Less for Organic Food —
Secrets to Paying Less for Organic Food A Special Report from Health Radar
(A $15 value — FREE!)
  • The single secret that can save you over 80% when buying organic foods
  • Where to find the best coupons for organic food
  • What grocery stores don't want you to know about saving money on organics
  • The 12 most contaminated produce items you should only buy organic
  • The one place you'd never think to buy fresh organics on the cheap
Health Radar AND: Three-Month Trial Subscription to the Popular
Newsletter Health Radar
  • Powerful strategies to fight cancer, weight loss, joint pain, memory loss, and many other health conditions . . .
  • Protect yourself from unnecessary treatments, dangerous pills, and sky-high medical costs . . .
  • Tips, tricks, and strategies to help add years of robust health and vitality to your life . . .


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In The Blaylock Wellness Report, I will find:

  • The latest unbiased information on crucial health topics . . .
  • Straightforward recommendations for diet and nutritional supplements that really work . . .
  • Simple strategies to rejuvenate and take charge of my life . . .

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