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Walking into a hospital in the era of COVID-19 is one of the scariest things in the world we can do — and the prospect of being a pandemic victim or having to deal with an emergency or necessary surgery makes it even worse.

That’s why it is essential to be well-prepared in advance.

Renowned anesthesiologist Dr. David Sherer has you covered. In his new book Hospital Survival Guide: The Patient Handbook to Getting Better and Getting Out, Dr. Sherer gives you the insider’s manual on how to navigate America’s complex and confusing hospital system and get the very best doctors and very best treatment available in healthcare.

With all of the news reports about overcrowding, understaffing, runaway germs, mistakes, and malpractice, hospitals can sound like death traps. But Dr. Sherer reveals there are surefire ways to avoid the pitfalls.

In Hospital Survival Guide: The Patient Handbook to Getting Better and Getting Out, you will learn how to make your hospital stay safe and comfortable. Especially things like:

  • Choosing the Best Hospital for Safety and Comfort — an easy-to-follow guide to getting the care you need at the top-rated facilities you deserve. (Page 1)
  • Anesthesia and Pain Relief — Just how you are sedated can be almost as important as the surgery itself, and the post-op pain relievers you take are also of vital importance. We’ll teach you how to discuss all of the options and concerns with your surgery team. (Page 87)
  • Taking Care of Business — Admit it! The business side of medicine is enough to make you sick! Complex insurance forms, advance healthcare directives, powers of attorney, and wills are tough to navigate. We’ll give you the lowdown to get it all settled as quickly as possible. (Page 121)
  • Getting Ready to Go — Let’s face it, packing your bag for a hospital stay is a lot different from packing for a vacation. We tell you what to take, what to leave at home, and a few tips that will surprise you. (Page 145)
  • When You Have No Time to Plan — An unexpected trip to the emergency room is a traumatic experience. Don’t let it be! Our advice for emergency room visits will help you cope. (Page 217)
  • Working the System to Get What You Need — It takes an insider to give you the real details on how to get the maximum out of a hospital stay — and Dr. Sherer knows all the tricks. (Page 251)
  • Going to the Hospital During a National Crisis — These days, the first word you think of when you think about going to the hospital is “coronavirus.” And while it is a worry, Dr. Sherer tells you how best to protect yourself and what you should ask your health providers about staying safe. (Page 317)

“This book will help you the patient endure what is often a stressful and unpleasant experience. After all, no one I’ve ever met truly wants to have anything to do with hospitals,” Dr. Sherer says. “My desire is to help patients feel safer and more comfortable.”

Sherer — a multi-time winner of HealthTap’s leading anesthesiologists award and a top authority in patient education and advocacy — can help you make a more positive, more rewarding difference in your trips to the hospital.

The One Book That May Literally Save Your Life

In Hospital Survival Guide: The Patient Handbook to Getting Better and Getting Out, you will learn crucial facts, health strategies, and specific guidance on how to:

  • Find the best hospital for you and your health condition
  • Demand and receive the best care
  • Avoid unnecessary pain and complications
  • Protect your health from human error
  • Navigate emergency room care
  • Educate yourself on your condition and your rights
  • Maximize new and innovative ways to use the internet for self-education
  • Learn more about artificial intelligence, robotic surgery, and using big data
  • Deal with the impact of pandemic emergencies, natural disasters, and the opioid crisis on your care
  • Protect your financial health and reduce your bills

Most importantly, Hospital Survival Guide teaches you how to be your own best advocate.

A well-planned hospital visit can lead to better care, faster recovery, and possibly even a shorter stay.

Hospital Survival Guide: The Patient Handbook to Getting Better and Getting Out is the #1 essential patient handbook to ensure that you and your family emerge from hospital visits healthier than before checking in and without having to endure excessive and expensive stays, pain, or indignities.

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Report 3: 6 Medical Myths That Can Threaten Your Life ($9.95 Value)

In many ways, modern medicine is a wonder to behold, while in others it is still very primitive and, at times, inhumane. New procedures have produced ingenious ways to treat previously deadly and debilitating disorders, but many times they are misunderstood. Learn the myths that surround modern medicine, and how believing them can put your health at risk.

Report 4: Lifesaving Research Your Doctor Doesn’t Know ($9.95 Value)

Typical medicine usually focuses on the symptoms of diseases, but rarely addresses how to prevent or reverse them. In essence, medicine can force people to live longer. But it does little to improve their overall state of health. However, below the radar is another world of medical research, in which dedicated scientists study the causes of disease, how the body works, and therapies for the many maladies that affect mankind. This report explores the studies dedicated to living healthier, as well as longer, lives.

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