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In your Anti-Inflammation Kit you will receive:

Special Report #1: Prevent the Top Destroyer of Good Health: Inflammation ($15 value)

  • The six most dangerous oils you should avoid in your diet . . .
  • Why intense exercise could actually increase your risk for cancer . . .
  • How you can prevent fatal brain degeneration later in life . . .
  • Simple nutrients that prevent the chronic, smoldering inflammation responsible for numerous health issues . . .
  • And much more . . .

Special Report #2: Hardened Arteries Are NOT Caused by Cholesterol ($15 value)

  • Why cholesterol is not the major player in causing heart attacks . . .
  • The real reason why aging has such a profound effect on your cardiovascular health . . .
  • Little-known factors that contribute to the development of high blood pressure . . .
  • Is HDL really the “good” cholesterol?
  • And more . . .

Special Report #3: 6 Medical Myths That Can Threaten Your Life ($15 value)

  • Discover why lower blood pressure is NOT always better (discover the truth about the blood pressure drug scam) . . .
  • See how flu shots threaten the health of the elderly (and don’t even prevent influenza) . . .
  • Find seven of the most potent anti-cancer foods you can eat . . .
  • See why you don’t always need antibiotics to fight infections . . .
  • And much more . . .

Special Report #4: Don’t Let Hidden Inflammation Impair Your Brain ($15 value)

  • An easy way to increase blood flow to your brain . . .
  • Where to find this miracle nutrient . . .
  • How to reverse age-related hearing loss . . .
  • And more . . .

Special Report #5: Six Plant Extracts That Rejuvenate Brain and Body ($15 value)

  • Using curcumin to help prevent Alzheimer’s and help brain function in those who already suffer from the disease . . .
  • How the power of the grape can actually extend life . . .
  • Three best types of tea to reduce the risk of stroke, inhibit cancer growth, and prevent heart disease . . .
  • How research indicates simple plant extracts can work even better and more safely than drugs . . .
  • And more . . .

Special Report #6: Diabetes Cure: What You Need to Know ($15 value)

  • The little-known bacteria that actually promotes diabetes . . .
  • Simple nutrients that cut diabetes risk and help to balance blood sugar . . .
  • Why belly fat is so dangerous (even in skinny people) . . .
  • How the use of soft drinks is driving the diabetes epidemic . . .
  • And much more . . .

FREE Guide: Dr. Blaylock’s Guide to Avoiding GMO Foods ($15 value)

  • Discover what you must know about the dangers of GMOs . . .
  • Find five top ways to avoid GMO foods . . .
  • See which types of food labeling are deceptive and misleading when it comes to GMOs and organic foods . . .
  • Get four steps to GMO-proof your shopping list . . .
  • Find simple tips to dine out without getting unwanted GMOs . . .

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In The Blaylock Wellness Report, you will:

  • Get the inside scoop on medical issues threatening you and your family, such as cancer, heart conditions, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, and many others . . .
  • Find straightforward recommendations for diet and nutritional supplements that really work (and the real truth about drugs that don’t) . . .
  • See simple strategies to rejuvenate and take charge of your life — naturally . . .

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