W hen both of my parents died from Parkinson’s disease, I set out to discover the hidden causes of this devastating neurological disorder, which now is reaching epidemic proportions.

I uncovered little-known environmental “triggers” that cause brain inflammation and cognitive decline — and the simple steps anyone can take to increase brain energy, improve brain blood flow, reduce free radical damage, and promote repair of a damaged brain.

Today, about 10 million people are suffering from Parkinson’s disease worldwide and 60,000 new cases are diagnosed each year in the United States alone!

We use such benign terms as “age-related cognitive decline” to describe conditions that are just short of full-blown Parkinson’s disease. And we say that old people who walk slowly, have balance problems, and develop minor tremors are just “getting on in years.”

What we don’t acknowledge is the total devastation that neurological diseases can cause in many families — a fact I lived through in my own life!

I’ve Suffered Personally From Mainstream Medicine’s
Inability to Treat Neurological Disorders Effectively

My name is Dr. Russell Blaylock.

I’m a board-certified neurosurgeon who has been a practicing physician for more than 30 years.

I’ve been facing the ravages of Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders daily throughout my career, but Parkinson’s also has touched me in my own life.

You see, both of my parents were afflicted by this horrible disease.

My father was struck first. Over 10 years, I watched helplessly as his condition went from bad to worse. I was very close to my dad, and to see him go from a robust, energetic man of great humor to a weak, emaciated shadow of his former self was devastating.

I tried everything I could think of, and all of the remedies I tried, of course, were traditional medical treatments. None seemed to help. I even subscribed to a neuropharmacology journal so I would have access to the latest drug treatments for Parkinson’s disease.

Within a few years of my father’s death, my mother began to show definite signs of the disease as well. I lived the nightmare all over again.

I tried to help my mother with newly discovered information on natural treatments for Parkinson’s disease, but she was so depressed over the death of Dad that soon she just gave up. Within 10 years she also died of complications associated with her illness.

I Want to Help Make Living With Parkinson’s
Disease Easier . . . and Possibly Prevent It

I feel it is important for everyone to have the tools they need to fight, or even prevent Parkinson’s disease. That’s why I am offering you a FREE copy of Exercises for Parkinson’s Disease: The Complete Fitness Guide to Improve Mobility, Strength and Balance, written by veteran healthcare professional William Smith. This book is your definitive handbook for dealing with the physical effects of PD and leading a healthier and more active life.

In this easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide, Smith provides everything from tips on how to structure your day to take full advantage of higher energy periods, to tailor-made workout programs designed to boost mobility and balance.

Studies have shown that exercise improves fitness and energy levels in Parkinson’s patients, while also relieving pain and helping them retain control in their daily life.

Exercises for Parkinson’s Disease: The Complete Fitness Guide to Improve Mobility, Strength and Balance works as an integrated part of any Parkinson’s treatment plan, optimizing mobility, increasing strength, and minimizing pain, while providing lifestyle tips to keep you motivated and moving forward.

Smith’s extraordinary guide also includes:

  • A detailed overview of how exercise can improve Parkinson’s disease symptoms
  • Clear, informative pictures of safe, effective exercises
  • Information on Parkinson’s life-hacks for relaxation and motivation
  • Detailed instructions on how to perform each movement
  • A complete fitness approach to restoring functionality

It also features expert-approved fitness techniques, with options ranging from resistance training to mobility movements to light strength exercises.

Yes, Exercises for Parkinson’s Disease: The Complete Fitness Guide to Improve Mobility, Strength and Balance is the all-in-one resource for anyone looking to take back control and live their best life!

Inside you’ll find such helpful information as:

  • How to maintain a healthy brain (Page 17)
  • How to manage your stress through meditation (Page 19)
  • The foods that help you decrease inflammation (Page 21)
  • Choosing a primary care physician (Page 28)
  • The breathing techniques that help your posture (Page 37)
  • How to keep a daily journal of your progress (Page 41)
  • How to make your home safer to live in (Page 42)
  • Calculating your target heart rate (Page 43)

Illustrated with dozens of color photos of helpful exercises, Exercises for Parkinson’s Disease: The Complete Fitness Guide to Improve Mobility, Strength and Balance is a must-read for anybody who wants to improve life with Parkinson’s.

Claim Your FREE Copy Today

This vital book belongs in the hands of anyone who is suffering from PD, or anyone with a loved one who is affected. Through this special offer, you can claim your FREE copy of Exercises for Parkinson’s Disease: The Complete Fitness Guide to Improve Mobility, Strength and Balance with your one-year subscription to The Blaylock Wellness Report for just $49.95.

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I will also include TWO special bonus reports that I’ve only made available to new readers. Both completely FREE! These reports are chock-full of important information on Parkinson’s Disease.

1. Dysbiosis — Discovering the Link Between Gut Health and Parkinson’s $9.95 Value

New medical research has shown a close connection between bacterial health in your gut and healthy brain function. It’s amazing to consider that what you eat can directly affect how you think.

The majority of people who eventually develop Parkinson’s disease first suffer several gastrointestinal complaints, including chronic constipation, nausea, bloating, and difficulty swallowing. These are major warning signs, and if addressed can potentially help stave off the development of PD, as well as other neurological disorders.

This report is jam-packed with important research and valuable insights into gut health and brain health.

You’ll learn:

  • What brain-healthy diets you should follow — and what you should not
  • How heavy metals in your environment affect your mind
  • What role inflammation plays in maintaining a clear mind
  • Other environmental toxins you should be avoiding
  • And much more

2. Parkinson’s Disease — You Can Fight Back
$9.95 Value

This report focuses on steps you can take to help your body remain healthy and avoid the onset of Parkinson’s disease. Yes, there is now research that shows Parkinson’s disease, in some cases, is brought on by avoidable environmental factors.

There are also steps you can take if you or a loved one has already been diagnosed to slow the progression of the disease.

You will find out what dietary supplements can help you stave off a diagnosis, and how to avoid environmental toxins that can put you at risk.

This valuable report is based upon years of cutting-edge research that is transforming traditional ideas of what PD is, how it is treated, and most importantly, how it can be avoided.

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