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Blaylock Wellness Report

Who can you turn to for alternative health and medical advice?

Dr. Russell Blaylock, one of the nation’s leading nutrition experts.

A former neurosurgeon, he edits the popular Blaylock Wellness Report.

Each month you'll get incredibly vital health information, topics include:

Blaylock Wellness Report
  • heart disease prevention
  • the natural cure for high blood pressure
  • the truth about cholesterol and the dangers of many prescription drugs
  • the best medical tests your doctor must give you
  • cancer prevention and alternative treatments
  • diabetes, joint pain, weight loss and dozens of other health topics!

Remember, Dr. Russell L. Blaylock is a respected medical doctor who is unafraid to challenge establishment thinking. He doesn’t parrot what the New England Journal of Medicine — which receives heavy subsidies in advertisements — claims.

Dr. Blaylock is a nationally recognized, board-certified neurosurgeon, health practitioner, author and lecturer. He has more than a quarter-century of medical experience.

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