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The Miracle Treatment That Has the Potential to Become Bigger Than the Discovery of Penicillin

Many folks today are needlessly suffering from chronic painful ailments.

It’s been reported that approximately two out of every three adults over the age of 50 today, experience mild to severe joint pain.

Unfortunately, mainstream treatments for chronic pain . . . especially those from sports injuries . . . have remained unchanged for the past two decades.

New Treatments for Heart Failure, Strokes, MS, and
Autism Now Being Offered at Clinical Trials.

Doctors often treat them with painkillers, steroid injections, and surgeries that often cause more damage even as they provide temporary relief.

After the pain comes back, you’re often told that there is nothing further they can do for you.

You’ll simply have to learn how to live with the condition.

One report revealed that 50% of chronic pain sufferers will even contemplate suicide.

That’s not acceptable.

Let’s face it, when it comes to joint pain, clearly we need better treatments. Mainstream medicine has only offered temporary relief.

Their usual suggestions and treatments help address the symptoms, but do nothing to address the real cause of the pain.

The good news is that there is an amazing new treatment — often administered in one outpatient visit — that has helped thousands of people deal with chronic pain.

We’re talking about the incredible breakthrough
called stem cell treatment.

Stem cells are the basic cells that develop into different organs in the body. Once your organ systems have matured, stem cells replicate old dying cells with new ones throughout the course of your life.

In other words, cells within every organ of your body have their own life cycle. Stem cells replace those cells 24/7 until we die.

They make life sustainable by constantly turning over and replacing old cells with new ones.

When disease or injury strikes your body, your stem cells remove the damaged cells and replace them with new cells. This helps your body heal itself and you continue to function.

If you have a significant disease or injury that your body can’t heal on its own, additional stem cells given to boost your local cells may potentially help you to heal.

When more stem cells are injected at the site of the disease and injury in an attempt to heal it, it is called stem cell treatment.

Finally a Way to Deal With Chronic Ailments Like
Back Pain, Joint Pain,and Sports Injuries Without
Toxic Medications or Disabling Surgery.

Stem cell treatment has been around for more than a decade.

Today’s available stem cell treatments are still at the beginning stages and designed to help you heal and recover from certain conditions WITHOUT the use of toxic medications or surgery.

If stem cell treatments are properly developed, they have the potential to become as revolutionary as the discovery of penicillin.

As antibiotics have saved so many lives, it is hoped that stem cell treatments can also save many patients who have hit a dead end with mainstream medicine.

When it comes to stem cell therapy, one size does not fit all! There are no apples-to-apples comparisons among stem cell treatments.

A stem cell therapy that may alleviate your joint pain will not cure your blindness, your child’s autism, or your grandpa’s Alzheimer’s.

Like any new treatment . . . even those that are already available overseas . . . there is often a lack of understanding at the government level about the science and power of your own stem cells.

And some shady health care providers sometimes manipulate desperate patients giving them fake stem cell treatments that were not appropriate for their condition.

There are dozens of stem cell treatments and so many sources of stem cells. How do you sort through the maze so you choose the right ones for your situation?

In the brand-new book from world renowned physician Dr. Gaurav Goswami, The Stem Cell Cure: Remake Your Body and Mind, you’ll get answers to many of the most common questions about stem cells.

You’ll also discover why many experts believe that stem cells will soon be a major treatment option in the near future.

This book is packed with everything you’ll ever want to know about stem cell treatments, including:

  • What stem cells are and why they are so critical to your survival
  • What conditions can be treated with stem cell therapy . . . and those that can’t yet
  • The 5 current sources of stem cells
  • How much it costs for a variety of different stem cell treatments
  • The 5 key questions you must ask . . . and get answers to . . . before spending a single dollar on stem cell treatment
  • The 3 major stem cell collection and preparation methods currently available . . . and how to identify the method that will best address your specific condition
  • How stem cells are a powerful force when it comes to fighting inflammation
  • The simple same-day outpatient procedure it takes to get started
  • The #1 most important criterion for a successful stem cell treatment
  • How to avoid today’s most common shams when it comes to stem cell treatments
  • What are the potential risks of stem cell therapy
  • The one “unbreakable rule” when it comes to delivering stem cells into your body. Break this rule and your chances of success are slim to none.
  • The key differences between foreign stem cells and your own stem cells
  • The one thing you must know BEFORE even considering any stem cell treatment.
  • How stem cells can even boost your sex life . . . without the potentially harmful side effects of the “little blue pill”

And much, much more, including potential breakthrough stem cell treatments for diabetes, kidney failure, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, strokes, autism, MS, dementia, ALS, and lung disease that are in the process of being developed.

After reading this book you’ll be in a much better position to understand and make better decisions when seeking stem cell treatment either for yourself or your loved ones.

The Stem Cell Cure is on its way to becoming a #1 bestseller on Amazon. It normally sells for $24.95, but you can get it FREE with our special offer today.

You’ll Meet Patients Who Have Been Cured by Stem
Cell Treatment.

Stem cells are NOT the Holy Grail of medicine. They do have their limitations.

However, if there is no viable mainstream treatment option for your particular condition, you should seriously consider exploring whether stem cell therapy can benefit you.

Here’s why . . .

In this eye-opening new book, you’ll discover the inspiring stories of some folks whose lives have been changed and hopes restored after experiencing stem cell treatment.

You’ll learn about Nicole, a 19-year-old college freshman who suffered a severe spinal cord injury which paralyzed her from the neck down after a motorcycle accident.

She lived a life brimming with hope that came to a screeching halt . . . until she gained access to a new clinical trial that successfully implanted stem cells into her damaged spinal cord.

A few weeks after treatment she miraculously regained motion in her arms and hands and was even able to write and use her cellphone again.

You’ll discover the amazing story of Sean, a rising football star who suffered a devastating knee injury while playing, and even after surgery experienced unbearable pain and could hardly walk.

After seven years the pain in his treated knee became progressively worse. It interfered with his daily life and job. They said he would need a knee replacement.

He soon underwent stem cell treatment (a same-day sitting procedure) and within the next few weeks he noticed a significant reduction in pain and greatly improved mobility.

Then there’s Michael and his wife Joyce, both in their mid-60s. They love skiing but both suffer from chronic knee pain. They were told by doctors to stop skiing, but they said “Heck no! We won’t do it.”

So, every two years Michael and Joyce get an injection of their own stem cells into their knees. This maintains and repairs worn-out tissues and keeps them active as they continue to pursue their passion of skiing and the very precious time left with their grandkids.

And Sam, the 40-year-old pharmacist who complained about pain in his feet for years and was eventually diagnosed with a condition called plantar fasciitis.

After years of physical therapy and cortisone injections, he felt some relief but the pain kept returning. Doctors eventually told him that he would have to learn to live with his condition — that there may not be any cure.

He then started receiving treatment/injections of his own stem cells at multiple sites within the plantar fascia and noticed a 50% reduction in pain in two weeks, and has now been pain-free for the last two years.

Mr. Cooper is a 65-year-old piano player who had super painful thumb joints. He had taken anti-inflammatories for years but the pain eventually became unbearable.

One of his students then told him about his mom, an avid tennis player who had stem cell treatments for both knee joints, and after recovery she was back playing singles four times a week.

So, he did his research and decided to try it. Today he is once again continuing his passion doing what he loves . . . playing and teaching the piano.

These are just a few of the dozens of real-life stories of folks, whose lives were greatly improved after getting stem cell treatments, that you’ll read about in this amazing new book.

Turn Your Setbacks Into Comebacks!

As we mentioned earlier, stem cell treatments are by no means a cure-all for every ailment.

Sure, some injuries do require surgery. At the same time, surgery can be unforgiving. It takes a toll on the body. And it can be a severe setback.

There are clear circumstances when surgery may be needed. A joint or fracture may need to be stabilized . . . a torn muscle may need repair.

But in most cases, surgery adds insult to injury. For instance, 20 years of data have shown that arthroscopic knee surgery can lead to chronic pain and early onset of arthritis.

Plus, surgery is invasive . . . it can cause collateral damage even when it goes well.

The ultimate goal of stem cell treatment is to REGENERATE and REPAIR. To heal the injury by replacing damaged cells with native cells.

To help turn your setbacks into comebacks!

A lot more data, research, and standardization are still needed. The FDA has not yet approved stem cell treatments.

Regulatory bodies of every country view them differently. Some have taken the lead, and may have even approved them by now. Some have not.

While stem cells will play an important role in preserving your joints, much work needs to be done to further understand both their potential and limitations.

This book will help give you an idea of the types of stem cell therapies available today.


The Stem Cell Cure normally sells for $24.95, but you can get it FREE with our special offer today.

Here's more of what you'll discover inside . . .

  • The 5 critical functions of stem cells . . . and how they help you in injury and disease
  • 3 key factors that successful outcomes of any stem cell procedure depend on
  • Does insurance cover stem cell treatments?
  • What happens to your own stem cells as you age?
  • The only place stem cells can be administered for them to be effective
  • Why the majority of stem cells given through an IV (intravenously) won’t work
  • How some medications you take can actually CAUSE back pain . . . in some cases making it worse
  • The clinical trials already underway for selected patients with heart failure, lupus, MS, strokes, and macular degeneration
  • The largest, safest source of stem cells — with no risk of transmitting a disease or foreign chemical into your body
  • The real reason why most medications stop working after a while
  • Why you should beware of stem cell treatments for neurological conditions offered by some commercial providers. Most are bogus. Find out why.
  • The real reason why our joints hurt
    as we age . . . it may have nothing to
    do with wear and tear. The good
    news is you can slow down this process.
  • Why inflammation is the cause of most conditions that take root in your body
  • Which stem cells work best for your specific condition
  • The limitations of stem cell treatments
  • The many different types of stem cells and how they work
  • Good news for seniors . . . Your stem cells don’t age at the same rate as your regular cells making them very effective in tissue repair and regeneration despite your age
  • Why donor screening of foreign stem cells doesn’t guarantee that a disease won’t be transferred into your body
  • 6 proven steps you can take, backed by years of research, that play a major role in promoting healing and regeneration
  • The 3 important pillars of success for stem cell treatments . . . unless performed precisely, the treatment won’t be effective
  • The average success rates of today’s most common stem cell treatments
  • Can older people use stem cells donated by younger, healthier folks
  • The 6 major questions you MUST ask when foreign sources of stem cells are involved

PLUS: why you should be leery of anyone pushing platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) therapy.

It is NOT regenerative nor does it contain any stem cells. In fact, 17 out of 20 ways of making it don’t work!

The Stem Cell Cure normally sells for $24.95, but you can get it FREE with our special offer today.

You Don’t Have to Live With Back Pain.
End the Suffering Now!

Roger, a 62-year-old golfer, suffered from knee arthritis for several years, managing it with painkillers and cortisone injections. Then he started getting back pain. His surgeons recommended knee joint replacement surgery.

Roger wanted to delay it but the pain was getting worse. So he sought out a spine doctor, who said the back pain was caused by his knees — he was favoring one side when he walked, putting strain on the back.

He decided to not have the surgery and underwent regenerative stem cell therapy on both knees.

Within three months, his knee pain decreased dramatically and his activity level has improved. Surprisingly, he no longer has back pain.

This is the advantage stem cells can offer. They can regenerate and repair.

They can help cut off the chain reaction of pain that develops when a problem in one area affects another, whereas many mainstream treatment options are limited.

New Treatments for Heart Failure, Strokes, MS, and
Autism Now Being Offered at Clinical Trials.

For many, “stem cells” sounds like a fad treatment.

The latest pitch from a snake oil salesman.

Much of the hype . . . which should be ignored . . . comes from the fact that the term “stem cells” is often used incorrectly to refer to a host of treatments that have nothing to do with true stem cells.

When used correctly, stem cell results are very encouraging.

Patients with orthopedic conditions and sports injuries have seen the most promising results from stem cell treatment. Success rates of 60% to 70% are possible in these instances.

There are even new treatments for heart failure, strokes, MS, and autism, now being offered to select patients in clinical trials.

While these emerging new stem cell treatments are currently limited to just a handful of patients enrolled in high-powered clinical trials, there is tremendous hope for the future!

It easy to see why.

The stem cell delivery procedure is much less invasive when compared to surgery.

And the recovery from stem cell therapy is quick . . . with no skin incisions or stitches to deal with afterwards.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of standardized protocols, many of these treatment methods have not yet been approved by the FDA . . . and are not currently covered by health insurance.

However, there is no medical procedure today that is going to come WITHOUT any risks.

It would be naïve to believe that stem cells are going to be completely safe.

We’re at the beginning stages of stem cell research. That’s why there has to be an extremely prudent approach in offering them.

But when you’ve reached the end of the road . . . and exhausted all your options . . . if done properly, stem cell therapy can be a lifesaver in many ways.

Let’s face it, nobody really looks forward to taking toxic medications or taking the risk of disabling surgeries.

But now you have an option.

You can now consider regenerative stem cell therapy that truly can help preserve your body.

That’s why we urge you to get a copy of The Stem Cell Cure: Remake Your Body and Mind. It’s yours FREE with this special offer today.

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