How to Lose Weight
Honolulu Physician Shows You . . .
How to Lose Weight Automatically!

Simply by cutting back on just
one thing in your daily diet.

(HINT: It's not fat, meat or even alcohol.)

  • Super-Boost Your Energy Levels for Peak Performance
  • Age-Proof Your Brain for Superior Mental Clarity and Alertness
  • Start Living and Looking Like You Did 10, 20, Even 30 Years Ago!

GOOD NEWS! YES, YOU CAN lose weight without sacrificing life's greatest pleasures . . .

And you can do it without costly, boring, and restrictive diet plans... simply by bringing your consumption of one single ingredient back into harmony with what nature intended for the human body.

That's because renowned Honolulu M.D. Jacob Teitelbaum (known to friends and patients as "Dr. T.") has discovered that you can easily drop those unwanted pounds — by reducing the amount of just one "sneaky" food that creeps into your diet with virtually no warning . . .

You've seen Dr. Teitelbaum on Oprah and Friends, Dr. Oz, and NBC News. Now he's out with his newest book, revealing cutting-edge secrets to lose weight easily by using little-known natural substitutes to satisfy your sweet tooth without packing on unwanted pounds.

As you'll read in his very best book, Beat Sugar Addiction Now!, Dr. Teitelbaum reveals that sugar hidden in everyday foods can cause you to gain an average of up to 32 pounds! And, he says that, by simply reducing your daily sugar intake, you finally can bring your weight down to a far healthier level almost automatically.

Kick Your Sugar Cravings and Lose Weight!

For thousands of years, humans ate sugar that occurs naturally in our food. Sugar was not a problem — it was a treat. But now we're being bombarded with sugar. It's everywhere. It's pre-loaded into our favorite drinks and snacks and hidden in just about every processed food imaginable — from salad toppings to fruit snacks to flavored bottled water.

In fact, food-processing companies add more than 150 pounds of sugar to our diets every year. That means you eat almost a half pound of sugar every day! Check nearly any item in your refrigerator or pantry, you'll see "sugar" or "fructose" as one of the first two or three ingredients.

Our bodies simply were not designed to handle massive volumes of sugar. It slows our mental performance, increases risk of disease, and zaps our energy.

Dr. Teitelbaum's previous bestseller, From Fatigued to Fantastic!, has sold over 500,000 copies. As a leading expert and researcher in chronic fatigue and pain, Dr. Teitelbaum has helped thousands worldwide to regain their energy, overcome pain, and start enjoying their lives again.

And thanks to Dr. Teitelbaum's new book, Beat Sugar Addiction Now! (a $16.99 value), you will discover how to "have your cake and eat it too" by using natural sugar substitutes to get the pleasure without paying the cost. But with this special offer, you won't pay a dime for it!

Dr. Teitelbaum believes you don't have to eliminate your love of sweets. Instead, he shows you how to satisfy your sweet tooth in a way that helps you lose weight, super-boost your energy, and speed up your mental performance.

Beat Sugar Addiction Now
Beat Sugar Addiction Now

"By beating sugar addiction, you can get multiple monkeys off your back!" he explains. "Look for improvements in sleep, hormonal balance, stronger immunity and fewer infections, better nutrition, and vitality."

So I want you, as a valued Newsmax customer, to have a copy of Dr. Teitelbaum's book, Beat Sugar Addiction Now! That's a $16.99 value — yours for just $4.95 shipping!

Let me show you a preview of what you'll discover in your copy of Beat Sugar Addiction Now!:

  • Sugar's devastating corruption of your immune system . . . And why Type I sugar addicts are the most vulnerable of all . . . page 63
  • The silent mineral deficiency that ramps up obesity and insulin resistance . . . page 72
  • Why the "feed me now or I'll kill you" attitude is a telltale sign of exhausted adrenals . . . page 21
  • The daily routine that builds energy and reduces your sugar cravings . . . page 73
  • Crave sweets or caffeine for the energy needed to get you through your busy day? Why you're likely also living with fatigue and a very compromised immune system . . . pages 14-17
  • How to detoxify from sugar without "sugar withdrawal" symptoms . . . page 47
  • Experiencing PMS, menopausal symptoms, andropause, insulin swings, or low libido? Why all these hormone imbalances disrupt your "happiness molecule," compelling you to reach for sugary treats (pages 37-44) — and what to do about it . . . page 115-134
  • 5 super health-boosting customs that aid in kicking the sugar habit for good . . . page 51
  • Always eager for doughnuts, pastries, cookies, cake, and pasta? Discover the hidden perpetrator of these dangerous cravings and their ever-increasing disastrous impact on your immune system . . . pages 28-30
  • Lower your cholesterol naturally with this smart snack — enjoy a full helping of 4 to 8 ounces every day . . . page 79
  • The special "sugar" that looks and tastes like sugar, and generates energy — yet doesn't raise blood sugar or feed yeast overgrowth — making it the perfect sugar substitute. Prepare to be amazed! . . . pages 69-70
  • Is enjoying alcohol necessarily bad for you? Dr. T.'s answer may delight you . . . page 65
  • Do you eat these popular foods that become sugar in your body? Know how far you can go before it becomes a true health villain . . . page 66

That's just a small sampling of all the potentially life-changing information you'll receive in this one amazing book from Dr. T.

And the best part is — you'll get Dr. Teitelbaum's popular book, Beat Sugar Addiction Now! for just pay $4.95 shipping. Click here now for your copy!

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The Blaylock Wellness Report
The Blaylock Wellness Report

Each month in The Blaylock Wellness Report, Dr. Blaylock offers you incredibly vital health information.

In The Blaylock Wellness Report you'll find out the latest on:

  • Heart disease prevention
  • The natural cure for high blood pressure
  • The truth about cholesterol and the dangers of many prescription drugs
  • The best medical tests your doctor must give you
  • Cancer prevention and alternative treatments
  • How brain diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's can be prevented
  • Diabetes, joint pain, weight loss and dozens of other health topics!

Dr. Russell L. Blaylock is a respected medical doctor who is unafraid to challenge establishment thinking. He doesn't parrot what the New England Journal of Medicine — which receives heavy subsidies in advertisements — claims.

Dr. Blaylock is a nationally recognized, board-certified neurosurgeon, health practitioner, author and lecturer. He has more than a quarter-century of medical experience.

His credentials include 26 years of experience in neurosurgery, editorship of the respected Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons and Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association.

Dr. Blaylock edits The Blaylock Wellness Report because he believes that too many Americans are not getting the best advice for preventing and dealing with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, brain diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, and dozens of health problems now plaguing the American people.

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