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"Cancer is big business — $200 BILLION a year big . . .

The Cancer Answer In fact, an entire "cancer industry" provides a lucrative income for numerous providers and businesses.

The Cancer Answer

So what would happen to all the cancer doctors, pharmaceutical companies, cancer treatment centers, diagnostic centers, hospitals, researchers, cancer nonprofits, and other cancer-related vendors if scientists actually did find a cure for cancer?

You can see the huge financial incentive to keep cancer alive and well.

Of course, right now, these cancer industry providers need not worry. Cancer is an epidemic.

Each and every day, more than 1,500 Americans die of this disease.

Because we are NOT winning the war against cancer. Far from it. In fact, death rates from cancer barely have budged during the past 50 to 60 years.

Failed by modern medicine's outdated and ineffective approach.

Purge Those Cancer Cells From the Body?

Cut them out, burn them out, poison them out . . .

Sure, mainstream cancer medicine offers you its standard cookie-cutter approach: surgery, chemotherapy, radiation. One size fits all.

Just get those cancer cells out of your body.

But what if this paradigm of cancer treatment — unquestioned since it began back in the late 1800s — is totally wrong?

Albert Einstein once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

I wonder what he'd think of our mainstream cancer industry.

This aggressive 'cut, burn, poison' approach has not proved effective, no matter how many times we try it — over and over again. At the cost of millions of lives.

Now that's insanity . . .

Sorry for the Bad News.
Now — Some Good News!

Recently, I read a new book by Suzanne Somers called KNOCKOUT: Interviews with Doctors Who are Curing Cancer — and How to Prevent Getting It in the First Place.

As it turns out, Suzanne is a friend of our very own Newsmax medical editor Dr. Russell Blaylock. She even included an interview with him in this book.

Suzanne, now in her early 60's, is a savvy businesswoman — and a cancer survivor herself.

And her book? Well, it provides you with a new paradigm for cancer treatment and prevention — one that makes total sense.

Just consider what would happen if you could stop the cancer cells from dividing and spreading, making the cancer disappear — or become inactive.

Could it really work?

You'll have to read some of the interviews with top innovative cancer docs — and inspiring stories of cancer survivors — to see for yourself. What I can tell you is that the current standard of care is flat-out tragic.

Shortly, you'll see how you can get KNOCKOUT for nearly nothing, and . . .

Discover the Secrets Traditional
Cancer Treatment Providers
Don't Want You to Know

Secret #1: The Chemotherapy Racket

Despite what you'll hear from traditional cancer doctors, chemotherapy is a dismal failure.

Only three types of cancer respond to chemo: testicular cancer, some lymphomas, and childhood leukemias.

As Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez points out in KNOCKOUT, chemotherapy is worthless for the major cancer killers, such as metastatic disease of the breast, lung, pancreas, and prostate.

Chemotherapy can even speed up the progress of some cancers, such as liver cancer.

Regardless of the evidence, doctors continue to put 600,000 Americans on side-effect-laden chemo every year.

They'll tell you there's a good chance your cancer may "shrink" or "respond" to chemo. But they don't tell you the sad truth: Chemotherapy doesn't prolong life to any degree.

Take, for example, the recent "wonder" cancer drug Gemzar, which the FDA has approved and now is a billion-dollar industry. But for what? The study showed that patients taking Gemzar lived one month longer than those who didn't take the drug. Not one patient in the clinical study lived longer than 19 months.

And how about . . .

Secret #2: Cancer Surgery Not Only May Be Unnecessary But Also May Spread Your Cancer

As you'll discover in KNOCKOUT, surgical removal of your primary tumor allows metastatic cells to grow — unchecked . . .

In fact, the presence of the primary tumor actually produces factors that restrict the growth of metastatic cancer elsewhere in your body.

Yet how many oncologists will share this information with you before they wheel you into the operating room to cut out your tumor?

Additionally, countless Americans have been through unnecessary surgeries for certain types of prostate and breast cancer.

Going through hell and back with surgery, radiation, and complications that ruin lives — just to treat cells that, in most cases, are so slow moving that they would have no effect on your health or lifespan.

Of course, the good outcomes in these cases do magically improve cancer statistics and make money for various providers and medical industries.

Secret #3: Effective Alternative and Integrative Cancer Treatments Exist to Help You Build Up Your Body Rather Than Tear it Down

In KNOCKOUT, you'll hear from Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, who has identified missing peptides in the blood and urine of people who have cancer. These peptides, called antineoplastons, inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Replacing these peptides can kill cancer cells without killing normal cells, unlike chemo and radiation. Plus, antineoplastons work on about 100 different genes, not just one single gene (as common cancer drugs do).

And there's Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, who believes you should look at cancer as a type of chronic disease that can be managed indefinitely, much like diabetes.

You'll read about his successful three-pronged approach to cancer treatment, one that uses diet, nutritional supplements with large doses of pancreatic enzymes, and a whole-body detoxification regimen.

And there's our own Dr. Russell Blaylock, editor of The Blaylock Wellness Report. Dr. Blaylock truly believes that if you are armed with accurate and unbiased information, you will understand the crucial role food plays in preventing and even eliminating cancer.

In fact, he says that with proper nutrition, a tumor can change its characteristics and become very benign in its behavior.

In this riveting interview, you'll discover the most cancer-protective foods available — and how to prepare them.

Along with these three experts, in KNOCKOUT you'll also hear from other big names in alternative healthcare, including Dr. Jonathan Wright and Dr. Stephen Sinatra — plus many others.

And you'll also find a jampacked resource section with integrated healthcare practitioners from around the country.

Obviously, there are no guarantees.

Cancer kills. And despite the best efforts of the best cancer docs and researchers on the planet, some will still die.

However, this book offers something everyone with cancer needs: hope.

Since hope without action is of little use, I knew I had to do something to make this book available to those in my Newsmax family.

And fortunately, Suzanne graciously agreed to provide us with copies of KNOCKOUT at a stellar discount.

Of course, I'm passing this discount on to as many of our readers as possible. First-come, first-served — when they're gone, they're gone.

KNOCKOUT Cancer for Only $4.95

You could go down to Borders or Barnes & Noble and pick up this paperback 368-page book for $15.00. But why waste your hard-earned money doing that? Knockout


Not when you can grab it here through this special link for just $4.95 (plus a small shipping fee). Plus, have it conveniently delivered to your door. Claim Suzanne Somers' KNOCKOUT today!

But let me share with you a bit more about what you'll see in KNOCKOUT.

In this book, Suzanne interviews doctors and health professionals who are successfully using the most innovative cancer treatments.

These treatment protocols include everything from conventional to integrative to alternative methods to combat this deadly disease.

Somers doesn't preach.

She understands you may want to use standard mainstream treatment. That's your choice to make.

In fact, you'll also find excellent advice to help you if you undergo chemotherapy and radiation . . . advice that can dramatically improve your odds of survival.

Yet, no matter which path you choose, this must-have book will help you navigate the life-and-death cancer puzzle.

Plus, since prevention is your first line of action, Somers' experts give you nutrition, lifestyle, and healthy supplementation options to help you from getting cancer in the first place.

Suzanne knows about cancer . . .

Farrah Fawcett, Merv Griffin, Tony Snow,
Ed McMahon, Bea Arthur, Jack Kemp,
Suzanne Pleshette, Dominick Dunne, Eartha Kitt

Sadly, these are just a few of the friends she lost to cancer during the creation of KNOCKOUT. She's dedicated the book to her friends' memories.

Cancer affects rich and poor, famous and unknown, old and young alike. That's why it's so good to have more options — finally.

And KNOCKOUT doesn't cover just generalities, but goes deep into the specifics of the most innovative and cutting-edge cancer therapies.

Here are just a few of the gems you'll discover:

  • Three questions you'd be smart to ask your doctor before choosing your course of cancer treatment . . . (Page 266)
  • We all have cancer cells in us. How can we keep them at bay? (Page 28)
  • How to use increased body temperature to zap cancer cells . . . (Page 217)
  • Why biopsies may oftentimes spread cancer cells . . . (Page 105)
  • If you've had a root canal, you could be at higher risk for cancer . . . (See why on page 218)
  • The simple "lemon trick" for keeping your liver clean and your body cancer-free . . . (Page 222)
  • Caution: Although this prostate cancer drug led to fewer prostate cancers, men who use it and do get cancer are much more likely to die . . . (Page 194)
  • Why cancer sufferers must avoid sugar . . . (Page 156)
  • Sneaky ways that actually kill cancer cells — by feeding them oxygen! (Page 183)
  • Some nutritional supplements actually can promote cancer. How can you make sure you're taking ones that don't? (Pages 74-75)
  • The little-known downside of using saw palmetto for prostate problems . . . (Page 194)
  • How to use a common over-the-counter heartburn remedy to prevent cancer cells from sticking to your blood vessels like Velcro . . . (Page 257)
  • Mistletoe — not just for kissing under (discover its powerful anti-cancer benefits) . . . (Page 224)
  • How to keep your genes in pristine shape to prevent cancer . . . (Page 76)
  • The COX-2 connection: Using prescribed or natural anti-inflammatory remedies helps decrease your chance of spreading cancer cells after surgery . . . (Pages 263-265)
  • Cell phones and brain tumors, birth control pills and breast cancer — is there really a connection? (Pages 101-102)
  • This virtually unknown therapy acts like a Trojan horse, sneaking cancer-killing substances directly into cancer cells . . . (Pages 169-170)
  • Why iodine is such a big protector against breast cancer . . . (Page 187)
  • Cancer patients have thick blood because of toxin build-up. See how to use any of these four natural substances to thin your blood naturally . . . (Page 227)
  • How to use your body's master antioxidant to remove cancer-causing material from your body . . . (Pages 174-175)
  • The little-known link between red meat and cancer . . . (See page 159)
  • This natural statin-like supplement not only keeps your cholesterol in check but also prevents cancer cells from proliferating . . . (Page 249)
  • Five veggies that reduce your risk of breast and prostate cancer . . . (Page 188)
  • How a new approach to anesthesia helps reduce surgery-induced metastasis . . . (Page 262)
  • Why you need to take enzymes — and take them on an empty stomach — if you've got cancer . . . (Page 225)
  • Why doctors won't tell you about this chemosensitivity test to see whether your body will even respond to chemotherapy . . . (Page 31)
  • Why most cancer drugs have little chance to cure you (Hint: Most work on a single gene, while the average cancer typically involves more than 2,000 genes) . . . (Page 65)
  • How mammograms actually may cause cancer (Yes, women have a right to know) . . . (Page 150)
  • Why soy is a cancer-causing food you should avoid at all costs . . . (Pages 160-161)
  • How the FDA has continued to delay approval of cancer vaccines that successfully target and attack metastatic cancer cells . . . (Page 260)
  • Treating breast cancer with bioidentical hormones — does it really help? (Pages 134-136)
  • Four surprising ways oncologists make money promoting their cancer drugs . . . (Pages 52-53)
  • Why liver cancer will be the next epidemic — what are you doing to put yourself at risk? (Page 72)

Grab Suzanne Somers' KNOCKOUT Now — Click Here!

Wow . . . this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potentially life-saving tips and strategies you'll see in KNOCKOUT.

And if you're still on the fence, let me offer you something to sweeten the deal . . .

Special FREE Bonus Gifts

I found out about this phenomenal book because of the personal connection our medical editor, Dr. Russell Blaylock, has with Suzanne Somers.

So I thought it only fair to give you one of Dr. Blaylock's recent issues from his Blaylock Wellness ReportDispelling Myths About Alternative Treatments for Cancer.

In this FREE BONUS issue, Dr. Blaylock will share some of the specific nutrients he's found that not only help those with cancer tolerate treatment such as chemotherapy and radiation much better but also significantly increase the effectiveness of conventional treatment against the cancer.

When you order your copy of KNOCKOUT, you'll receive this free issue Dispelling Myths about Alternative Treatments for Cancer instantly as a digital download.

And that's not all. You'll also claim . . .

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In every issue of The Blaylock Wellness Report, you'll get Dr. Blaylock's straightforward recommendations for simple dietary solutions that will keep you in control of your own health, along with easy lifestyle changes and effective nutritional supplements.

No baloney — no media hype — no pretense . . . Just good old-fashioned truth and integrity you can believe in.

Dr. Blaylock understands the inner workings of the traditional medical model.

I Count on BWR

"I count on The Blaylock Wellness Report to be my primary source for health and wellness information. It has helped me slow down the progression of prostate cancer and helped me improve my immune system so I rarely get a cold or flu. That's a big deal because I'm 62 years old."

— Al Sauvageau

That's because, before his retirement, Dr. Blaylock was a highly esteemed neurosurgeon with a flourishing medical practice, one he maintained for over 20 years.

With your three free issues of The Blaylock Wellness Report (a $14 value), you'll get:

  • The latest unbiased information on crucial health topics
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Of course, I'm convinced that, once you see the quality of information you receive, you'll become a regular subscriber to Dr. Blaylock's newsletter. However, you're under no obligation to do so.

And if that's not enough, how about a guarantee?

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I'll make this super easy for you.

If you don't feel you're getting at least 10 times more than your $4.95 investment from your copy of KNOCKOUT and your copies of The Blaylock Wellness Report, you can request a refund — and keep the book and all the newsletter issues you've received.

That's right. And no hassles or hard feelings, either.

It's decision time. So what are you waiting for? Don't take on cancer — or the mainstream cancer treatment industry — without this book.

And if cancer hasn't yet affected you or your loved ones, use this book to help protect you from it in the first place.

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