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Free Gift #1: Knockout: Interviews With Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer ($15.00 value — FREE! )

KnockoutThis book features Suzanne's interviews with doctors and health professionals who are having success with the most innovative cancer treatments — therapies that build your body up rather than tear it to shreds.

These treatment protocols include everything from conventional to integrative to alternative methods to combat this deadly disease.


Somers doesn't preach. She understands that you may want to use standard mainstream treatment. That's your choice. In fact, you'll also find excellent advice to help if you undergo chemotherapy and radiation . . . advice that can improve your odds of survival dramatically.

Yet, no matter which path you choose, this must-have book will help you piece together the life-or-death cancer puzzle — and boost your odds of surviving a cancer diagnosis.

Plus, because prevention is your first line of action, Somers' experts give you nutrition, lifestyle, and healthy supplementation options to keep you from getting cancer in the first place.

Here are just a few of the gems you'll discover:

  • Three questions you'd be smart to ask your doctor before choosing a course of cancer treatment . . . (Page 266)
  • We all have cancer cells in our bodies. How can we keep them at bay? (Page 28)
  • Why biopsies oftentimes spread cancer cells . . . (Page 105)
  • Why cancer sufferers must avoid sugar . . . (Page 156)
  • Cell phones and brain tumors, birth control pills and breast cancer — is there really a connection? (Pages 101-102)
  • Why iodine is such a good protector against breast cancer . . . (Page 187)
  • The little-known link between red meat and cancer . . . (See page 159)
  • Five veggies that reduce your risk of breast and prostate cancer . . . (Page 188)
  • How mammograms actually may cause cancer (women have a right to
    know) . . . (Page 150)
  • Why soy is a cancer-causing food you should avoid at all costs . . . (Pages 160-161)

Free Gift #2: Dr. Blaylock's Special Report: Dispelling Myths About Alternative Treatments for Cancer ($15.00 value — FREE! )

  • Why doctors won't tell you about a chemo-sensitivity test to see whether your body will even respond to chemotherapy . . .
  • How to use increased body temperature to zap cancer cells . . .
  • Caution: Although this prostate cancer drug led to fewer prostate cancers, men who use it and do get cancer are much more likely to die . . .
  • Sneaky methods that actually kill cancer cells — by feeding them oxygen! (Page 183)
  • How the FDA has continued to delay approval of cancer vaccines that successfully target and attack metastatic cancer cells . . . (Page 260)

And: One-year subscription to the popular newsletter The Blaylock Wellness Report

  • Powerful strategies to fight cancer, joint pain, memory loss, and many other health conditions . . .
  • Protect yourself from unnecessary treatments, dangerous pills, and sky-high medical costs . . .
  • Tips, tricks, and strategies to help add years of robust health and vitality to your life . . .

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